Wednesday, 30 May 2012

To iPhone or not to iPhone...

  I've decided, after some pretty meh posts, that I may just update every now and then. I'll definitely do every Sunday (I have the most time to spare then), but in between time may be a bit iffy. Plus updating irregularly will keep everyone on their toes.

  As mentioned in a previous post, I'm keen to get a smartphone or iPhone. Ideally, I'd love to get an iPhone 4S but I'm not really sure if I should because it's quite expensive and I guess I could get a comparable model from a different brand cheaper. I'm not really sure if I want an iPhone because I want a kick-ass, touchscreen phone with awesome features and bottle-opener capabilities (seriously, you can get a cover for an iPhone that doubles as a bottle-opener), or if I want it because I'm buying into the commercialism of it. I certainly don't need one but it does make me wonder.

  Just come out is the Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III and it looks awesome. It's actually better than the iPhone in almost every way except prestige. By clever marketing, everyone is still talking about the iPhone when there are better phones out there. People are talking about the iPad 3 when there are better tablets out there. It's interesting how people are easily swayed to buy into the commercialism of a product. The ads make you believe that you want it and that nothing else can compare until you buy it.

  After all the skepticism, however, maybe I'll get an iPhone anyway. It's been a while since I've bought an Apple product. I'm a fickle person anyway...

  Damn it! This post was supposed to help me choose! Stupid crossroads. I'll just wait until I can actually afford both of them, I think. Then that way I can just buy one or the other and live with my decision. 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

A not so picture filled Sunday

  I've re-read yesterday's post and my god, it's boring as hell. Sorry! Normally I think about what I write for the day but that one...I just didn't. Must have been tired... Or brainwashed by aliens. One of them.

  So today is Sunday and that means PICTURES! I misspelled that too. I can tell this is going to be a long day (it's 11:30am). Now, my camera died and I need to recharge the batteries. Actually, I should do that now. It's needed charging since the beginning of the week and it's been a confusing week.

  Alright, batteries are charging, but I have some back up photos. An in-case-of-laziness back up, if you will.

  A friend of mine recently had her 21st and I took some quick photos before we left. They're a bit hazy because I took it with the laptop's webcam which sucks. Seriously. The very first pictures we took with it made us look like zombies. Who needs special effects when you can use our laptop (I'd show you, but the husband may not be too happy about it)? I took a grand total of two because she was rather grouchy.

Also, this isn't the final look. I put on lipstick and lashes as well.

  The other photo isn't a particularly flattering photo of her so we'll just leave that one out. I don't want her hating me just yet. Though, this photo isn't a particularly good one of me. That thing coming out of my head is a light in the background, not that you'd know that. They should really fit better webcams into these things.

  On an unrelated note. I had a dream this morning that I was on an American Idol tour and songs were sung and what not. I'm pretty sure it was related to the fact that the radio was on and Ryan Seacrest was the guy on the radio. Also, the songs sung were probably on the radio. Crazy stuff.


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ah, to be rich.

  Lotto tonight is for $7 million. I guess for overseas people that's petty cash compared to their hundreds of millions of dollars you can win, but here, $7 million is a big deal. You can buy a lot of marmite with that. Or at least you could...if it was available at the moment. Apparently, the lack of marmite in New Zealand just proves 2012 is the end of the world.

  Anyway, every time the lotto ads are on for more than $5 million, I always say I'd like to win that. The thing is, winning it would be a lot easier if I bought a ticket. I keep meaning to get one just so I can say that I've gambled and bought a lotto ticket but I forget or, the more likely reason, I haven't money enough for it.

  Like everyone (I think), I dream about what I'd do if I was wealthy...or won whatever this week's lotto amount. Most of them are small dreams, you know, pay off my student loan, buy clothes for the family, putting money into my world domination trust, that sort of thing. I also sort of wonder what people who can afford to do whatever they want dream about, and then I don't care again.

  I guess it's unlikely I'll ever win lotto, so I'll just have to hope my kids win it and think of their ol' ma.

Friday, 25 May 2012

A filler innerer

Okay, this isn't a real post...just passing through.

I've discovered a new artist! Or at least new to me. I really like classical pieces of music so if that's not really your thing, you can probably skip this. Actually, you can skip the first one, I'll put up another one you'll appreciate (maybe).

Anyway, I've come across, in my journeyings of YouTube, an artist named George Shaw. From what I can gather, he does a lot of covers but has some originals. This song in particular reminds me of Victor's song in Corpse Bride (if you haven't seen that, but like Tim Burton and/or Johnny Depp films, watch it! You'll love it). It's played with such finesse and is just beautiful.


And for those of you who are pretty meh about beautiful, in-depth and thought provoking music, you may appreciate this. Or you may not...


This ending is better than the other one, I reckon. But you should watch it anyway.
(also, quick translation for what Hannah Minx says. Oishii means yummy/delicious, kawaii means cute and mattane means catch you later).

Thursday, 24 May 2012

I like girls...

I suck at posting twice on the same day. I did get distracted watching Avatar. It's a really addictive show! With its people, and bending and stuff. Yeah... So, I'll just have to skip a post and make up for it some other time. On to posting!

  Because I have a daughter I have the greatest excuse to go and stare at all the pretty little girl stuff. I suspect I'll still do it even when she's 20, and the husband will moan every time I do it only because "she's too old to wear that kind of stuff. I just don't get it." I like to look at pretty stuff! I love to look at pretty stuff for babies! Nuff said.

  Anyway, the girl is growing so fast that I'm looking at dresses for the next phase of her life. May it be said I have a major soft spot for dresses, shoes and bags. My god, the dresses for wee girls are adorable! And don't even get me started on the pram shoes for babies (soft soled ones, relax. Also they're way to big for her feet anyway). I'd even go so far as to say, shopping for baby girl stuff is the most fun a girl can have with her clothes on... Hmm...I wonder how well naked baby shopping would go down? Probably not all that well. My statement stands!

  The big downside on shopping for girls is that most things are expensive, especially dresses. I mean, I would sew them but I've become incredibly lazy of late when it comes to sewing and don't really have the time (I'm studying fulltime!), so I rely on my old friend Trade Me and boy does it deliver. The most beautiful girly dresses on $1 reserve! Whole sets for cheaps!

  I guess it's better to get all this crazy dress-her-upness out of my system now before I want to dress her up as a cute sailor girl at 15. Hmm...I wonder if she'd be up for that?

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Awesome! Me jewellery!

  Sorry, I was supposed to put up a post yesterday but I stayed up too late watch Avatar: The legend of Aang episodes. Whoops! So, it'll be a bonus double post today provided I don't do the same thing tonight. Which I won't...maybe.

 Occasionally, I muse about what I want done with me when I die... No, not like that! I'm not really a fan of lying in a coffin and people having to haul my ass to the cemetery and what not. Also, if when zombies come about I'm not really keen on being a nuisance to the human race. Half rotted corpse isn't a particularly good or graceful look, not to mention the inevitable entrails drooping from my wrinkled, green mouth. I want to be cremated and hope like god that there's no feeling after death.

  See, I want to be cremated and then have my ashes kind of melded into jewellery. This will be written into my will whereupon one of my dying wishes will be for my children to carry a piece of me in the way of jewellery. Imagine the fun!
Scenario: Yzzy is wearing a necklace with my ashes intertwined beautifully with the glass pendant and some guy touches it and she could say,
  "Ew, you're touching my mom."
Mom in this instance because mum sounds less hostile. Moooom, muuum...yeah, definitely mom.
Danté could pass a Hayley-ashen ring down to his heir and so on. It'd be my own piece of immortality!

Holy crap, I just discovered immortality! You just have to be cremated after you die and make people turn you into jewellery that will become heirlooms. Heck, it could be so popular that people a few generations down the track won't have to buy costume jewellery because they'll have a whole heap of heirloom jewellery. I've created a whole niche of jewellery (and destroyed another one, mwahahaha). I really need to start a five year business plan for this.

  There we go. I have now given you the secret to immortality. You're welcome!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Life is good...unless teeth are involved

  I started off writing an emo complainy post but I can't be bothered thinking. Yep, one of those days where thinking isn't the it thing. I thought I had a test due today but turned out it's due NEXT Monday! Yay! Just as well considering I had a torturous accounting assignment due yesterday that I may or may not have finished yesterday... Oh well, onward and upwards!
  Two more good things that happened. You know how I said it'll be a cold day in hell before my tooth stopped hurting. Well, you shouldn't, because I haven't said that but it doesn't matter because it DID stop hurting! Which is good because yay! No pain! But also bad because it could strike again at any time. Probably when I least expect maybe when I'm jumping out of a plane to skydive and it'll hurt just as I go to pull my parachute. I'll clasp my hands to my jaw screaming in pain, except people will confuse that with joy-screaming and be all YEAH! completely oblivious to me not pulling my parachute,thus I land straight into the sea! Then I'll end up a wet monkey. Not good. That tooth is going to try and drown me. I know your angle tooth, I know you're trying to murder me. You sick sick tooth!

  Uh, what was I saying? Oh yeah, and the second good thing was that I got *a* picture of the kidlets sleeping next to each other. It's really sweet, except it's a pretty shocking picture because a) I'm not what you'd call an excellent photographer, or even a good one and b) the lighting was TERRIBLE so I had to use a flash and they look all washed out and vampire looking. That is if vampires turned children like in Interview With A Vampire! And, if vampires sleep...or sleep in not coffins depending on if you're a Twilight vampire or a normal one. Y'know, the horrible scary kind. God forbid a bloodsucking undead personage being scary or anything.

  It's good to look at the good things in life every now and then. It makes you grateful for what you have and look forward to the things you don't quite have yet. Me, I'm looking forward to my immortality. And I'll have all the details on how to become immortal tomorrow (yep, for reals).

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Soppy Sundays

  When I started this blog (a whole week ago), I had every intention of it being serious sam, I'm a macho teen parent (I misspelled that twice...what the hell!?) who's turned out okay, TEEN PARENT POWER! But I'm pretty useless at sticking with a cause unless it's something dear to my heart. So, instead, it's like my dear diary...kind of my inner thoughts, not the intimate ones though (well, not yet. There's still time...), and some place else to whine where my husband doesn't have to hear it. Though, I'm not sure he really listens to my complaining anymore. In fact, I'm sure he doesn't hear most of what I say. For instance, we'll be invited to dinner somewhere, and I'll tell him, and he'll say okay or something. Then the day comes,
Him "You didn't say we were going to dinner at Oscar the Grouch's house*"
Me  "Yes, I did. I told you twice and you said okay both times!"
Him "No, you didn't. I'd remember if you'd said."
Me  "But I did say! Well, never mind now, we're going."

This conversation is not a rare. It happens ALL THE TIME.

  Anyway, I think every Sunday I'll post photos just to make this place more interesting. I mean, reading is fun, but pictures are more fun. Kind of like reading about cute monkeys and SEEING cute monkeys. Seeing them wins hands down. But reading about them is a close substitute.
  The boy really loves his sister. He'd do anything for her. It's really sweet, but also annoying sometimes because occasionally he gets in the way. Earlier today he wanted to pick her up just for kicks, except, when he went to pick her up he ended up holding her around the shoulders to his tummy and she got stuck. Needless to say she was not happy. Sometimes, though, he gets it right.

She actually looks kind of happy to be with him
  So, he sort of looks a bit bored but this is a huge improvement from her writhing around in tears and him trying to be real suave about it.

  Heh, I love how unsuspecting she is. She has no idea she's about to be picked up! She's too busy wondering what she's looking at.

  I'd love to get one of them sleeping next to each other, but for the moment I'll keep this one as a sacred momento...

*Not actual example. We've never been to his house for's a trash can, who'd want dinner there? Ew.


  So, today, I made dinner for my mum because it's her birthday! She wanted it to pass by with no celebration whatsoever (or so she said, I have my suspicions), but how much fun is that? A birthday is the one day a year you can demand whatever you want and people can't get angry at you about it, like asking for kicked puppies, revolutions and a massive 2kg gummy bear (they exist)!

  I'm not one...damn, I forgot what I was going to say. I'm watching Beastly and got side-tracked and now...OH! that's right. I'm not one to show pictures of food I've cooked or made. I'm not really that vain about my food, nor do I think that close ups of food are particularly attractive. Glistening and what not, eugh... but I must say it didn't taste too bad.

  Where was I going with this? Oh well, onto other matters!

  I've recently realised how much "fun" babies are. They're awesome when they smile and don't cry. That's about the extent of the awesomeness though. They smell funny, they don't seem to like sleeping, they're grumpy, they have freaky limbs...small freaky limbs, AND the lazy things are completely dependent on you to do stuff for them. Like I'm their fricken slave or something. What kind of stupid evolutionary flaw is this? I want a giraffe baby! They can stand up not long after birth.

  In saying that, babies grow up to be children AKA mini slaves! They can do shit for you! What's more they actually LOVE doing shit for you! Whenever we ask our 3 year old to turn the light on he is overjoyed about it! Turning the light on makes him the fricken man or something. He's our own personal assistant. He takes calls, sometimes whole calls and he relays the details (not very well, sometimes, but that's a whole other post) and we're all yeah! We raised this awesome mini-slave/PA/heir!

  I guess kids aren't so bad after all, and I do sort of enjoy doing stuff for the wee one. I suppose in not too long I'll be wishing we could go back to the days when they were this age whilst waving my fist at young whippersnappers. Ah, the things I get to look forward to.

PS I don't actually use my kid as a slave. If he doesn't want to get stuff he doesn't have to. Honest.

Friday, 18 May 2012


  Kids these days don't know what real cool cartoons are. The cartoons these days are stuffed full of "learning objectives" which makes cartoon viewing less fun. Violence is not the answer and certainly shan't be played for children's entertainment and cartoons have become so PC that they're either stupid or boring. There's only so many episodes of Fishtronaut I can watch before wanting to drown myself in his watery fish bowl helmet thing.

  When I was a kid, cartoons were all about entertaining kids because their parents wanted uninterrupted time to sleep in or whatever. Cartoons didn't have to be about learning stuff. You watched Sesame Street if you wanted to learn stuff. They were violent, interesting, and action packed. When you were a kid you picked which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle you wanted to be and played badass games in the playground. If you were a girl, you picked your favourite Sailor Moon character (mine was Sailor Mars. I immensely disliked Sailor Moon...I'm not sure why...) and prettied around everywhere. Learning objectives were cleverly disguised. Like Captain Planet talking about ways to keep the environment green. Nowadays, they bombard kids with long boring words and skip the metaphors by going straight into the moral. There is no show, don't tell motto anymore.

  Fearful of our child's cartoon choices, we have episodes of old school Batman and Gargoyles that our son watches and you know what? HE LOVES THEM! He loves pretending to be a gargoyle (especially Goliath, if you don't know who I'm talking about, Google it or find an episode on Youtube), turning to stone and then breaking out at sundown! Batman is his hero and he regularly requests to watch it.

  Bring back the old school shows! Before we got all stupid over how messed up our children will become. A majority of people haven't turned into axe wielding serial killers. When cartoons were about children and not about cramming a whole heap of things to learn down their throats.

  Okay, I promise next post will be less complainy =).

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The wisdom of rabbits

  Some days I feel angry at general. No-one necessarily has to do anything in particular to anger me. I'm unpredictably angry just to mix things up. Sometimes, though, I wish people would suck less.

  I'm talking about people who decide that it's their god given right to push their opinion on everyone and to hell with how they feel about it. People who decide that abortion is best, or abortion is murder and decide that others who choose the opposite of their opinion are stupid and should be burned at the stake or something. People who have a double standard - they think being gay is fine, but displaying that you are, as a straight couple would, is downright disgusting. I mean, kissing in public!? Think of the children!!

  Breastfeeding and bottle feeding is another thing that everyone has an opinion on. Gestapo breastfeeders seem to give the impression that bottle feeding is up there with feeding them arsenic, that bottle feeding mothers are lesser women, that they didn't try hard enough. Hardcore bottle feeders find breastfeeding disgusting, weird and some even deem it unnatural (which I really don't get).

  It's time to stop with the judgement or at least shouting out your judgement. People should be allowed to do what the hell they want so long as it doesn't harm other people. People don't care what your opinion is unless they ask you for it. They don't want to know what you think of them bottle feeding or breastfeeding their children, they don't care if you think being gay is a crime against god, and they sure as hell don't care if you think white sugar is poison.

  So, what I'm trying to say is best said by Thumper, in Bambi.

  If you can't say somethin' nice, don' say nothin' at all.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lazy days

  Some days, like today, it's just too cold to do anything. So, instead of getting dressed like an adult and doing stuff, it just seems to make more sense to not do that. This is the story of my life. Pretty much, if I can get away with not doing anything, I'll do that, unless I'm at work. For some reason my philosophy completely changes when I'm at work. Maybe I subconsciously try to keep up appearances and make people think I'm this awesome non-lazy person. It's just one of those things that'll never make sense.

  Today, though, I have the added excuse that my tooth really hurts. I'm pretty sure I have a wisdom tooth coming through that's trying to murder all teeth in its way to become the superior leader of my teeth and take over the world. Except, it wants to murder by slow slow torture. Anyway, it's really sore and I need to see a dentist but I'm a little scared to see one. From what I hear, having a tooth removed is less than pleasurable, and I'm not exactly a glutton for pain.

  I'm trying to find excuses NOT to visit the dentist. On the top of my list is price. I mean, it costs heaps to have teeth extracted, doesn't it? Like $1000 a tooth. I ask some people, and it turns out it isn't even that close to $1000. It's a mere (well sort of mere) $200-$300 so that sort of rules out price. Next on my list is will the anaesthetic affect breast milk. After all, I don't want my dear daughter going hungry, except, I suddenly realise, I can express milk for her (and hope she takes a bottle), so there goes that one.

  So really, the only thing stopping me seeing the dentist is me. I guess I'd better get on the phone for an appointment. Maybe I'll get lucky and the pain will go away. At least dreams are free.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Curse you yellow bird!

  I've recently started playing Angry Birds and MY GOD IT IS SO ADDICTIVE. I saw a thread on a forum I frequent about it, them saying how they were an addict. Me, being the skeptic I am, thought I'd check it out. Surely a game about flinging birds into objects isn't addictive, I mean, it's just a game. I'm a sucker for cute things that explode or smash stuff up (LOVE Happy Tree Friends), so I really should have known better.

  Due to not having a smartphone or iPhone (something I'm working on), I found it on the Chrome Web Store and started playing. The first levels are token easy levels. You know, the ones that make you think that you are the best player ever to have played this game and you laugh at those who say how terrible they are at it. They are the scum on your shoes, the plaque on your teeth, the dandruff in your hair! Or things to that effect. The levels that suck you in and before you know it, you're an addicted peanut.

  Then it gets hard and you realise the true reason they call this game "Angry Birds". You become frustrated and stop yourself short of throwing your computer (or phone) out the window because the stupid yellow bird won't soar in the direction you're telling it to. Why even give it abilities if it sucks at using them!? And then that stupid little green pig snorts at you. He's mocking you and there's nothing you can do about it because you can't even hit him with that yellow bird who's too stupid to go in the right direction.

  Despite all that, you can't help but return after a brief sanity break. Like an alcoholic to a bottle of vodka, you're ashamed of yourself but you can't help it. The Angry Birds have their beaks in you and there's little you can do about it!

  So, yeah, I'm addicted to it, but I'm also pretty terrible at it. Now I know never to play games that people say they're addicted to.

Just reminiscing

  I'm just thinking back to when I was a child (not that long ago...really). I have a brother who's six years younger than me and I remember this one time with him:

  I was taking him to the beach, and he was jabbering away (he was about three or four at the time). This, of course, really annoyed me so I pointed at a gate that was at the end of the road and said to him
  "See that gate there?"
  "Yes" said he
  "It's there to keep horses out that will come out and kill you by running over you. If you keep talking, they'll break though and get you. So, you better be quiet"
  "Okay." he whispers back at me.

  I'm pretty sure there was a bit more detail to my description. I recall something about The Horses galloping up and down the beach with bloodied hooves and an evil glint in their eyes. I was reading James Herbert at the time...yeah...

  Looking back I was a seriously mean big sister. I mean, what kind of scheming, sadistic, cow does that to her brother whilst holding back a snicker JUST TO KEEP HIM QUIET!? Fortunately, he has no recollection of the incident, but it just goes to show how conniving a nine to ten year-old can be.

  Moral of the story: Keep an eye on your preteens, you never know what nasty trick they're brewing up for their younger siblings.
  Also, don't let your 9-10 year old find your stash of horror...

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Baby bliss

  My daughter is nearly 8 weeks old. I think I've taken millions of photos of her because the early years are so precious and easily forgotten. I wish I'd taken far more photos of my son as there aren't too many of him as a wee baby and although I can vaguely remember what he looked like, it would have been nice to see them both side-by-side.

  Anywho, today I took a few more photos (to fill up my self imagined quota or something), and they came out quite nice considering I'm a REALLY amateur photographer.

Ah, sleeping. When they're pretty predictable.

Who can resist this cuteness?