Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ah, to be rich.

  Lotto tonight is for $7 million. I guess for overseas people that's petty cash compared to their hundreds of millions of dollars you can win, but here, $7 million is a big deal. You can buy a lot of marmite with that. Or at least you could...if it was available at the moment. Apparently, the lack of marmite in New Zealand just proves 2012 is the end of the world.

  Anyway, every time the lotto ads are on for more than $5 million, I always say I'd like to win that. The thing is, winning it would be a lot easier if I bought a ticket. I keep meaning to get one just so I can say that I've gambled and bought a lotto ticket but I forget or, the more likely reason, I haven't money enough for it.

  Like everyone (I think), I dream about what I'd do if I was wealthy...or won whatever this week's lotto amount. Most of them are small dreams, you know, pay off my student loan, buy clothes for the family, putting money into my world domination trust, that sort of thing. I also sort of wonder what people who can afford to do whatever they want dream about, and then I don't care again.

  I guess it's unlikely I'll ever win lotto, so I'll just have to hope my kids win it and think of their ol' ma.

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