Friday, 18 May 2012


  Kids these days don't know what real cool cartoons are. The cartoons these days are stuffed full of "learning objectives" which makes cartoon viewing less fun. Violence is not the answer and certainly shan't be played for children's entertainment and cartoons have become so PC that they're either stupid or boring. There's only so many episodes of Fishtronaut I can watch before wanting to drown myself in his watery fish bowl helmet thing.

  When I was a kid, cartoons were all about entertaining kids because their parents wanted uninterrupted time to sleep in or whatever. Cartoons didn't have to be about learning stuff. You watched Sesame Street if you wanted to learn stuff. They were violent, interesting, and action packed. When you were a kid you picked which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle you wanted to be and played badass games in the playground. If you were a girl, you picked your favourite Sailor Moon character (mine was Sailor Mars. I immensely disliked Sailor Moon...I'm not sure why...) and prettied around everywhere. Learning objectives were cleverly disguised. Like Captain Planet talking about ways to keep the environment green. Nowadays, they bombard kids with long boring words and skip the metaphors by going straight into the moral. There is no show, don't tell motto anymore.

  Fearful of our child's cartoon choices, we have episodes of old school Batman and Gargoyles that our son watches and you know what? HE LOVES THEM! He loves pretending to be a gargoyle (especially Goliath, if you don't know who I'm talking about, Google it or find an episode on Youtube), turning to stone and then breaking out at sundown! Batman is his hero and he regularly requests to watch it.

  Bring back the old school shows! Before we got all stupid over how messed up our children will become. A majority of people haven't turned into axe wielding serial killers. When cartoons were about children and not about cramming a whole heap of things to learn down their throats.

  Okay, I promise next post will be less complainy =).

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