Friday, 25 May 2012

A filler innerer

Okay, this isn't a real post...just passing through.

I've discovered a new artist! Or at least new to me. I really like classical pieces of music so if that's not really your thing, you can probably skip this. Actually, you can skip the first one, I'll put up another one you'll appreciate (maybe).

Anyway, I've come across, in my journeyings of YouTube, an artist named George Shaw. From what I can gather, he does a lot of covers but has some originals. This song in particular reminds me of Victor's song in Corpse Bride (if you haven't seen that, but like Tim Burton and/or Johnny Depp films, watch it! You'll love it). It's played with such finesse and is just beautiful.


And for those of you who are pretty meh about beautiful, in-depth and thought provoking music, you may appreciate this. Or you may not...


This ending is better than the other one, I reckon. But you should watch it anyway.
(also, quick translation for what Hannah Minx says. Oishii means yummy/delicious, kawaii means cute and mattane means catch you later).

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