Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lazy days

  Some days, like today, it's just too cold to do anything. So, instead of getting dressed like an adult and doing stuff, it just seems to make more sense to not do that. This is the story of my life. Pretty much, if I can get away with not doing anything, I'll do that, unless I'm at work. For some reason my philosophy completely changes when I'm at work. Maybe I subconsciously try to keep up appearances and make people think I'm this awesome non-lazy person. It's just one of those things that'll never make sense.

  Today, though, I have the added excuse that my tooth really hurts. I'm pretty sure I have a wisdom tooth coming through that's trying to murder all teeth in its way to become the superior leader of my teeth and take over the world. Except, it wants to murder by slow slow torture. Anyway, it's really sore and I need to see a dentist but I'm a little scared to see one. From what I hear, having a tooth removed is less than pleasurable, and I'm not exactly a glutton for pain.

  I'm trying to find excuses NOT to visit the dentist. On the top of my list is price. I mean, it costs heaps to have teeth extracted, doesn't it? Like $1000 a tooth. I ask some people, and it turns out it isn't even that close to $1000. It's a mere (well sort of mere) $200-$300 so that sort of rules out price. Next on my list is will the anaesthetic affect breast milk. After all, I don't want my dear daughter going hungry, except, I suddenly realise, I can express milk for her (and hope she takes a bottle), so there goes that one.

  So really, the only thing stopping me seeing the dentist is me. I guess I'd better get on the phone for an appointment. Maybe I'll get lucky and the pain will go away. At least dreams are free.

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