Monday, 21 May 2012

Life is good...unless teeth are involved

  I started off writing an emo complainy post but I can't be bothered thinking. Yep, one of those days where thinking isn't the it thing. I thought I had a test due today but turned out it's due NEXT Monday! Yay! Just as well considering I had a torturous accounting assignment due yesterday that I may or may not have finished yesterday... Oh well, onward and upwards!
  Two more good things that happened. You know how I said it'll be a cold day in hell before my tooth stopped hurting. Well, you shouldn't, because I haven't said that but it doesn't matter because it DID stop hurting! Which is good because yay! No pain! But also bad because it could strike again at any time. Probably when I least expect maybe when I'm jumping out of a plane to skydive and it'll hurt just as I go to pull my parachute. I'll clasp my hands to my jaw screaming in pain, except people will confuse that with joy-screaming and be all YEAH! completely oblivious to me not pulling my parachute,thus I land straight into the sea! Then I'll end up a wet monkey. Not good. That tooth is going to try and drown me. I know your angle tooth, I know you're trying to murder me. You sick sick tooth!

  Uh, what was I saying? Oh yeah, and the second good thing was that I got *a* picture of the kidlets sleeping next to each other. It's really sweet, except it's a pretty shocking picture because a) I'm not what you'd call an excellent photographer, or even a good one and b) the lighting was TERRIBLE so I had to use a flash and they look all washed out and vampire looking. That is if vampires turned children like in Interview With A Vampire! And, if vampires sleep...or sleep in not coffins depending on if you're a Twilight vampire or a normal one. Y'know, the horrible scary kind. God forbid a bloodsucking undead personage being scary or anything.

  It's good to look at the good things in life every now and then. It makes you grateful for what you have and look forward to the things you don't quite have yet. Me, I'm looking forward to my immortality. And I'll have all the details on how to become immortal tomorrow (yep, for reals).

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