Sunday, 27 May 2012

A not so picture filled Sunday

  I've re-read yesterday's post and my god, it's boring as hell. Sorry! Normally I think about what I write for the day but that one...I just didn't. Must have been tired... Or brainwashed by aliens. One of them.

  So today is Sunday and that means PICTURES! I misspelled that too. I can tell this is going to be a long day (it's 11:30am). Now, my camera died and I need to recharge the batteries. Actually, I should do that now. It's needed charging since the beginning of the week and it's been a confusing week.

  Alright, batteries are charging, but I have some back up photos. An in-case-of-laziness back up, if you will.

  A friend of mine recently had her 21st and I took some quick photos before we left. They're a bit hazy because I took it with the laptop's webcam which sucks. Seriously. The very first pictures we took with it made us look like zombies. Who needs special effects when you can use our laptop (I'd show you, but the husband may not be too happy about it)? I took a grand total of two because she was rather grouchy.

Also, this isn't the final look. I put on lipstick and lashes as well.

  The other photo isn't a particularly flattering photo of her so we'll just leave that one out. I don't want her hating me just yet. Though, this photo isn't a particularly good one of me. That thing coming out of my head is a light in the background, not that you'd know that. They should really fit better webcams into these things.

  On an unrelated note. I had a dream this morning that I was on an American Idol tour and songs were sung and what not. I'm pretty sure it was related to the fact that the radio was on and Ryan Seacrest was the guy on the radio. Also, the songs sung were probably on the radio. Crazy stuff.


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