Sunday, 20 May 2012

Soppy Sundays

  When I started this blog (a whole week ago), I had every intention of it being serious sam, I'm a macho teen parent (I misspelled that twice...what the hell!?) who's turned out okay, TEEN PARENT POWER! But I'm pretty useless at sticking with a cause unless it's something dear to my heart. So, instead, it's like my dear diary...kind of my inner thoughts, not the intimate ones though (well, not yet. There's still time...), and some place else to whine where my husband doesn't have to hear it. Though, I'm not sure he really listens to my complaining anymore. In fact, I'm sure he doesn't hear most of what I say. For instance, we'll be invited to dinner somewhere, and I'll tell him, and he'll say okay or something. Then the day comes,
Him "You didn't say we were going to dinner at Oscar the Grouch's house*"
Me  "Yes, I did. I told you twice and you said okay both times!"
Him "No, you didn't. I'd remember if you'd said."
Me  "But I did say! Well, never mind now, we're going."

This conversation is not a rare. It happens ALL THE TIME.

  Anyway, I think every Sunday I'll post photos just to make this place more interesting. I mean, reading is fun, but pictures are more fun. Kind of like reading about cute monkeys and SEEING cute monkeys. Seeing them wins hands down. But reading about them is a close substitute.
  The boy really loves his sister. He'd do anything for her. It's really sweet, but also annoying sometimes because occasionally he gets in the way. Earlier today he wanted to pick her up just for kicks, except, when he went to pick her up he ended up holding her around the shoulders to his tummy and she got stuck. Needless to say she was not happy. Sometimes, though, he gets it right.

She actually looks kind of happy to be with him
  So, he sort of looks a bit bored but this is a huge improvement from her writhing around in tears and him trying to be real suave about it.

  Heh, I love how unsuspecting she is. She has no idea she's about to be picked up! She's too busy wondering what she's looking at.

  I'd love to get one of them sleeping next to each other, but for the moment I'll keep this one as a sacred momento...

*Not actual example. We've never been to his house for's a trash can, who'd want dinner there? Ew.

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