Wednesday, 30 May 2012

To iPhone or not to iPhone...

  I've decided, after some pretty meh posts, that I may just update every now and then. I'll definitely do every Sunday (I have the most time to spare then), but in between time may be a bit iffy. Plus updating irregularly will keep everyone on their toes.

  As mentioned in a previous post, I'm keen to get a smartphone or iPhone. Ideally, I'd love to get an iPhone 4S but I'm not really sure if I should because it's quite expensive and I guess I could get a comparable model from a different brand cheaper. I'm not really sure if I want an iPhone because I want a kick-ass, touchscreen phone with awesome features and bottle-opener capabilities (seriously, you can get a cover for an iPhone that doubles as a bottle-opener), or if I want it because I'm buying into the commercialism of it. I certainly don't need one but it does make me wonder.

  Just come out is the Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III and it looks awesome. It's actually better than the iPhone in almost every way except prestige. By clever marketing, everyone is still talking about the iPhone when there are better phones out there. People are talking about the iPad 3 when there are better tablets out there. It's interesting how people are easily swayed to buy into the commercialism of a product. The ads make you believe that you want it and that nothing else can compare until you buy it.

  After all the skepticism, however, maybe I'll get an iPhone anyway. It's been a while since I've bought an Apple product. I'm a fickle person anyway...

  Damn it! This post was supposed to help me choose! Stupid crossroads. I'll just wait until I can actually afford both of them, I think. Then that way I can just buy one or the other and live with my decision. 

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