Thursday, 17 May 2012

The wisdom of rabbits

  Some days I feel angry at general. No-one necessarily has to do anything in particular to anger me. I'm unpredictably angry just to mix things up. Sometimes, though, I wish people would suck less.

  I'm talking about people who decide that it's their god given right to push their opinion on everyone and to hell with how they feel about it. People who decide that abortion is best, or abortion is murder and decide that others who choose the opposite of their opinion are stupid and should be burned at the stake or something. People who have a double standard - they think being gay is fine, but displaying that you are, as a straight couple would, is downright disgusting. I mean, kissing in public!? Think of the children!!

  Breastfeeding and bottle feeding is another thing that everyone has an opinion on. Gestapo breastfeeders seem to give the impression that bottle feeding is up there with feeding them arsenic, that bottle feeding mothers are lesser women, that they didn't try hard enough. Hardcore bottle feeders find breastfeeding disgusting, weird and some even deem it unnatural (which I really don't get).

  It's time to stop with the judgement or at least shouting out your judgement. People should be allowed to do what the hell they want so long as it doesn't harm other people. People don't care what your opinion is unless they ask you for it. They don't want to know what you think of them bottle feeding or breastfeeding their children, they don't care if you think being gay is a crime against god, and they sure as hell don't care if you think white sugar is poison.

  So, what I'm trying to say is best said by Thumper, in Bambi.

  If you can't say somethin' nice, don' say nothin' at all.

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