Sunday, 20 May 2012


  So, today, I made dinner for my mum because it's her birthday! She wanted it to pass by with no celebration whatsoever (or so she said, I have my suspicions), but how much fun is that? A birthday is the one day a year you can demand whatever you want and people can't get angry at you about it, like asking for kicked puppies, revolutions and a massive 2kg gummy bear (they exist)!

  I'm not one...damn, I forgot what I was going to say. I'm watching Beastly and got side-tracked and now...OH! that's right. I'm not one to show pictures of food I've cooked or made. I'm not really that vain about my food, nor do I think that close ups of food are particularly attractive. Glistening and what not, eugh... but I must say it didn't taste too bad.

  Where was I going with this? Oh well, onto other matters!

  I've recently realised how much "fun" babies are. They're awesome when they smile and don't cry. That's about the extent of the awesomeness though. They smell funny, they don't seem to like sleeping, they're grumpy, they have freaky limbs...small freaky limbs, AND the lazy things are completely dependent on you to do stuff for them. Like I'm their fricken slave or something. What kind of stupid evolutionary flaw is this? I want a giraffe baby! They can stand up not long after birth.

  In saying that, babies grow up to be children AKA mini slaves! They can do shit for you! What's more they actually LOVE doing shit for you! Whenever we ask our 3 year old to turn the light on he is overjoyed about it! Turning the light on makes him the fricken man or something. He's our own personal assistant. He takes calls, sometimes whole calls and he relays the details (not very well, sometimes, but that's a whole other post) and we're all yeah! We raised this awesome mini-slave/PA/heir!

  I guess kids aren't so bad after all, and I do sort of enjoy doing stuff for the wee one. I suppose in not too long I'll be wishing we could go back to the days when they were this age whilst waving my fist at young whippersnappers. Ah, the things I get to look forward to.

PS I don't actually use my kid as a slave. If he doesn't want to get stuff he doesn't have to. Honest.

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  1. Have read your blog and even comented on it. Now you don't have to feel alone