Friday, 29 June 2012

This is why you should get married

  I am enjoying not having to study and having a tidier house (wow, I wrote that as haus before. Where is my head at?). It's a much lighter feeling and I guess it's the euphoria you feel post exams.

  Anyway, I've recorded some things that my husband has said. May it be noted that he should really start a blog because he comes up with the most random. but hilarious stuff which shall be exhibited shortly. I have his permission (sort of) to put these up. His name shall simply be Mr X (until I can think of a less cliché name for him).

  Mr X - If only Danté was a girl. The I'd have my girls and you'd have yours.
  Me - You do have girls (indicated to me and Yzzy).
  Mr X - Oh yeah... So I have my girls and you have yours

  I'm on the laptop doing laptop stuff (looking up porn, that kind of thing) and I see Mr X pawing at the floor.

  Me - What are you doing?
  Mr X - The dinosaurs feet are doing the same action. It's how they filmed it.
  Me - Uh-huh, you're not convincing anyone


  Mr X - No mice have balls anymore...

(talking about computer mice...mouses? Hmm...)


  Mr X - Sweeping is like shaving - You have to be slow, deliberate, and be careful not to cut yourself and  bleed everywhere.


  Mr X - What's that sound?
  Me - It's the heat transfer system thing.
  Mr X - It's nice background noise
  Me - It sounds like air conditioning
  Mr X - Yeah, but it sounds warmer.

 And this is why I love my husband.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

I'm so super Sunday angry!

  So today is picture Sunday (as an aside, I love how it says that this is posted a day before because it's all on American time. Dude, it's Sunday here) and I'm going to write stuff that's not relevant at all to the photos I'll post.

  Alright, so I like gaming. Apparently, it's not that unusual for a girl to like playing video games but pretty much every male I know does. Except one...hmm... Anyway, all but one of them play video games. Anyway, my husband loves his survival horror games but I'm a real wuss when it comes to that kind of gaming. I friggin freak out at my own footsteps, but I do want to play them. Just so I can say I have.

  I've also heard of this Minecraft game. In fact, one of the previous posts has a video about a diamond sword that you can make on Minecraft (I think, I don't really know the finer details of the game). I asked my brother about it and he showed me it and said you could get the pocket edition for iPhone. So I downloaded it and I tried out the creative mode. It was so much fun! I imagine that the survival mode is more gamey. Anyway, I was making my massive (not so massive) but super cool castle and was making and underground lair when my stupid phone lost all memory of it. So many hours (like four or five) dedicated to it and it goes and freaking loses it! Gah!

  Needless to say I'm sort of put off using Minecraft and I haven't even tried Survival Mode! I deleted it from my phone in my fierce rage. How do you like them apples, Minecraft? Yeh, that's what I thought.

  I've heaps of photos to choose from because I've just transferred them from my phone to the laptop. Instead of lots of photos, I'll post just one. It shall be titled "He stole my chocolate!"

Friday, 22 June 2012

Who needs TV when you have the interwebs!

  Due to spending a lot of time on YouTube, our son has picked up on this and has started to like the things we watch(sort of using the royal we there. Just me. I'm the nerd here =p. Though the husband (who I should really give an anonymous nickname. Something like...THE MAN or Gerald...or something. Hmm...) is nerdy in other areas. Like Star Wars and gaming). A previously mentioned YouTuber called Toby Turner has written some songs about things he's done in games or just thought up(will post vids soon) and they are so darn catchy they get stuck in your head for hours and hours and pop up when you're in the middle of exams, waiting in line or just sitting in bed.

 Where was I going? Oh right. It's gotten to the point where he recognises the YouTube site and requests songs. To make it better, he tells you to be quiet when you're singing along so that HE can solo it! He knows the important words like 'sword' and 'diamond' but hasn't quite garnered the finer intricacies of the songs.

  So! Le songs!


And the song the boy requests

  Now you have something to get stuck in your head. You're welcome!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

3 year old logic

  I was going to update yesterday but then...I didn't. Nice explanation there. Onwards and upwards!

  I was talking earlier to my husband about the thought process of preschoolers. To those people who have/have had/have dealt with toddlers they know that 3 year olds don't think rationally sometimes (a lot of the time). The smallest thing can set them off into an inferno of rage and tears causing them to throw themselves on the floor in a sulking heap and you're left standing there going "What the - ?". I often muse that in a supermarket, when you hear a child breakdown into such a state, parents sympathize with the parent and people without children or have forgotten what it's like to have little balls of crazy sympathize with the child (and secretly disapprove of the parents technique of dealing with it).

  Sometimes, though, they surprise you and are level-headed and just perfect little people.

  We are toilet training the boy (well, actually, that'll have to wait until summer. He was almost there and then he started daycare and long story short their methods aren't very accommodating to our approach to toilet training), so sometimes we have accidents. Before either of us got up our boy had one such accident, cleaned himself up (don't worry, wasn't number twos) and changed himself. Just like that. No drama, no wallowing around in mucky PJ's. It's times like these that make you proud of what your little one does.

  We mused about what his thought process must have been at the time:
  Uh-oh, I'm wet, better change myself *zip*. Okay, time to put on a nappy *runs to put on a new nappy*. Hmm...I'm a bit cold now, though. Can't hop back into my bed though *no reason why* I know! I'll hop into bed with mummy and daddy even though they almost always kick me out - maybe this time it'll be different.

  Other times, their initiative is...a little annoying to say the least. The husband was in the middle of playing an X-box game (well, actually it was paused and he wasn't actively playing it. But it was still on) and the boy, in the interest of saving us the trouble of getting up, decided to put in a movie he wanted to watch. After seeing a game in the disc drive he thought better of it but it was too late, the damage was done and the unsaved gameplay was gone in the push of a button. Poor little boy was only trying to be a helper.

  Ah, the joys of having a 3 year old. Like mini-teenagers, but cuter...and stickier.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Pictures! On a Sunday!?

  Yay, for picture Sunday. So today I'll post pictures of me rather than my children because I'm in a vain mood rather than a pride one.

  I'm not exactly the most photogenic person. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I'm anti-photogenic. I just can't look good in a photo (in my opinion. Which is superior and therefore the one that is right). Most of the photos taken of me make me look like extra-terrestrial life. Exhibit A:

Just as well there's a cute little boy in this photo (aw, he's so little).

  Anyway, I have to try really hard to look human in photos. I'm too scared to mess around with a camera because I don't want to appear vain or full of myself. Which I suppose is ridiculous because I'm sure people take heaps of photos of themselves to get the right angle (maybe, I don't know. I like making up generalisations and statistics).

This is a somewhat better photo of me which I fluked.

  So, now you understand why I post photos of my kids. They're cuter and prettier than me and therefore acceptable subject manner. And another thing you can take away from this is that I need to work on my self-esteem and image issues and that this is in no way how you should think about yourself, because you're beautiful (unless you're a chihuahua. They're puny and hideous...eugh.)!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Yay! Mid-year break.

  Phew, so after traveling most of this week my exams are finally over! Yay! I have mixed feelings about them (because I need to study more but having a baby in the middle of the semester really messes with schedules) but hopefully I've done enough to pass my papers. Also, to make this weekend better it's my first weekend being the proud owner of an iPhone 4S! Yay me! Things are looking up Hayley.

  I guess I could ramble on about how awesome my new phone is and how, even though my ol' reliable phone was awesome, I much rather this one, even though Siri misunderstands me a lot of the time. She speaks in an Australian accent. Probably because she thinks I'll feel more comfortable with that but I'M NOT AUSTRALIAN! Stupid Siri. Apparently, she doesn't understand how punctuation works when I tell her to text something for me. Bloody useless.

  Also, my phone has conned me into using Twitter! I haven't joined because I don't really get Twitter (as a result, I'll probably neglect my account and forget the password). I don't think my life is interesting enough to have frequent hourly updates, it's barely interesting enough for Facebook let alone Twitter. Anyway, I've set up an account ( is me, if you're interested), and to mix things up I've linked instagram to my Twitter account. Otherwise it'll be REALLY boring over there.

  Whoops, this was supposed to not be about my phone. Oh well, too late now =p. At least it's a ramble about the not so awesome points.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Aliens are committing fraud on a Sunday

  Whoa, so on the way over here, I clicked on the more tab to get to Blogger and I had a crapload more options. What the heck's wallet? *click* It's just google trying to steal my credit card details! How stupid do they think I am? I'm not going to just hand out my details to a multi-billion (don't actually know if they are, but it sounds impressive) dollar company who advertise lots. I'm not paranoid, just suspiciously careful.

  Anyway, on to posting. Again, apologies for the lack of posting but my exams are next week so studying and procrastinating were on the cards, but after my exams I'll be back to free time (yay).

  On a random note (that has absolutely nothing to do with the photos), I've been trying to edge towards drinking black coffee because I hate it when I want a coffee but we have no milk. I was scared of trying it outright because I thought it would be so gross and bitter but I just tried it and I wish I'd tried it earlier!

  Alright pictures! So, I actually took these a wee while ago (like a few weeks) and I photoshopped them a little and now I understand how average photographers can look like awesome photographers (not that I'm a self-proclaimed awesome phoographer. I just point and shoot. That's probably pretty obvious). I've just brightened them because they were a bit dark and dull, I haven't done anything to her skin.

Hehe, she looks so fat in the second one.

  Ah, I like having a baby. They make awesome subject matter.

Sunday, 3 June 2012


  I've been a bit sketchy on the updates as I'm currently studying towards a business degree. I know, totally yawn-worthy (trust me, I get nothing but blank stares and disinterested noises whenever I say I'm doing a Bachelor of Business Studies). What's more is that I'm planning on doing my major in Finance. But I'm not really that sure about that. I may end up majoring in Management Information Systems instead (computer stuff) because it's a rather interesting topic.

  I found out the other day, after researching MIS as a major, that there's a co-joint degree for fashion design and business. I so wish I'd known about it before but it's only available in Wellington. Real handy when you can only really do extramural papers. It makes me ang'y! Guess I'll just have to stick with my other degree.

  Anyway, on a completely unrelated note, it's SUNDAY and I promise henceforth I will post on at least Sunday. Also, seeing as its picture Sunday (and my batteries are charged this time) we'll see what we have on the trusty SD card.

  Alrighty, so we have a front pack which we used with the boy and are now using for the girl. What's a front pack, you ask? Basically, it's a carrying device that you use to cart small children around in that sits on your front. We use ours on our back too once they were too big to be on the front. And if you already knew that, big ups to you.

  So, the husband decides it's a good idea to turn it into a kind of straitjacket type thing for our son. May I just say we are so fortunate we have a good natured son who will give most things a go (I'd say anything, but he's a bit little to do anything. I couldn't, for instance, expect him to go and make me a three course meal. I'm not even sure he'd know what I meant if I said the word meal...). This was the result
He seems kind of...happy he's locked up like a crazy person

Yep, just hanging out in his straitjacket. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

I told him to smile and he gave me this cartoon smile. I think he watches too much Spongebob. 

  So! Thems the antics this week. Family life ain't so bad!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

I spend waaay too much time on YouTube

  I spend quite a bit of time on YouTube. More time than is healthy, anyway. I'm a geek, whatever. Anyway, I kind of like following Vlogs, but there are some incredibly...I want to say boring, but they're not really boring..incredibly SOMETHING vlogs on there.  For instance, one person was quite weird and a bit boring. I'm more a humour vlog person with some serious posts.

  Anywho, a person who is the perfect vlogger (perfect of the subjective variety), is Jenna Marbles. She does swear quite a bit in her posts but you sort of overlook the swearing after a while. She basically releases videos every week and has a separate vlog site (I think) and they're about pretty random stuff. She's quite well known in the YouTube community as the one who made the video about how to make yourself seem more attractive. I'm not actually sure...what I was going to say... Erm. Oh well! Here's a video of her. Be warned - She uses explicit language with no apologies, so if this offends you skip that video and watch the next one.

  Another, not vlog so much, but just amusing to watch is sort of like AFV but better. Because the host guy is actually funny. The host is Toby Turner, and one of the first things I noticed is that he speaks quite fast, but he is quite amusing. He hosts a show called cute win fail (CWF) and essentially, he plays videos that fall under each category (one for each respective category) and viewers vote for the most "epic" one. His running commentary tends to be hilarious! He also has his own channel separate from CWF.

  Okay, so I sort of picked it at random, and this isn't the funniest one, so it sort of takes watching more to really get into it, but he is awesome. He personifies epicosity... That's funny's a word he uses...yeah.

  What I find particularly interesting is that these people aren't much different to me (besides having awesomely perfect teeth and bodies *shakes fist*). They're crazy, boring (as in their day-to-day lives) and strange JUST LIKE ME! It's nice to know there are other people out there who are like minded.