Wednesday, 20 June 2012

3 year old logic

  I was going to update yesterday but then...I didn't. Nice explanation there. Onwards and upwards!

  I was talking earlier to my husband about the thought process of preschoolers. To those people who have/have had/have dealt with toddlers they know that 3 year olds don't think rationally sometimes (a lot of the time). The smallest thing can set them off into an inferno of rage and tears causing them to throw themselves on the floor in a sulking heap and you're left standing there going "What the - ?". I often muse that in a supermarket, when you hear a child breakdown into such a state, parents sympathize with the parent and people without children or have forgotten what it's like to have little balls of crazy sympathize with the child (and secretly disapprove of the parents technique of dealing with it).

  Sometimes, though, they surprise you and are level-headed and just perfect little people.

  We are toilet training the boy (well, actually, that'll have to wait until summer. He was almost there and then he started daycare and long story short their methods aren't very accommodating to our approach to toilet training), so sometimes we have accidents. Before either of us got up our boy had one such accident, cleaned himself up (don't worry, wasn't number twos) and changed himself. Just like that. No drama, no wallowing around in mucky PJ's. It's times like these that make you proud of what your little one does.

  We mused about what his thought process must have been at the time:
  Uh-oh, I'm wet, better change myself *zip*. Okay, time to put on a nappy *runs to put on a new nappy*. Hmm...I'm a bit cold now, though. Can't hop back into my bed though *no reason why* I know! I'll hop into bed with mummy and daddy even though they almost always kick me out - maybe this time it'll be different.

  Other times, their initiative is...a little annoying to say the least. The husband was in the middle of playing an X-box game (well, actually it was paused and he wasn't actively playing it. But it was still on) and the boy, in the interest of saving us the trouble of getting up, decided to put in a movie he wanted to watch. After seeing a game in the disc drive he thought better of it but it was too late, the damage was done and the unsaved gameplay was gone in the push of a button. Poor little boy was only trying to be a helper.

  Ah, the joys of having a 3 year old. Like mini-teenagers, but cuter...and stickier.

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