Sunday, 10 June 2012

Aliens are committing fraud on a Sunday

  Whoa, so on the way over here, I clicked on the more tab to get to Blogger and I had a crapload more options. What the heck's wallet? *click* It's just google trying to steal my credit card details! How stupid do they think I am? I'm not going to just hand out my details to a multi-billion (don't actually know if they are, but it sounds impressive) dollar company who advertise lots. I'm not paranoid, just suspiciously careful.

  Anyway, on to posting. Again, apologies for the lack of posting but my exams are next week so studying and procrastinating were on the cards, but after my exams I'll be back to free time (yay).

  On a random note (that has absolutely nothing to do with the photos), I've been trying to edge towards drinking black coffee because I hate it when I want a coffee but we have no milk. I was scared of trying it outright because I thought it would be so gross and bitter but I just tried it and I wish I'd tried it earlier!

  Alright pictures! So, I actually took these a wee while ago (like a few weeks) and I photoshopped them a little and now I understand how average photographers can look like awesome photographers (not that I'm a self-proclaimed awesome phoographer. I just point and shoot. That's probably pretty obvious). I've just brightened them because they were a bit dark and dull, I haven't done anything to her skin.

Hehe, she looks so fat in the second one.

  Ah, I like having a baby. They make awesome subject matter.

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