Saturday, 2 June 2012

I spend waaay too much time on YouTube

  I spend quite a bit of time on YouTube. More time than is healthy, anyway. I'm a geek, whatever. Anyway, I kind of like following Vlogs, but there are some incredibly...I want to say boring, but they're not really boring..incredibly SOMETHING vlogs on there.  For instance, one person was quite weird and a bit boring. I'm more a humour vlog person with some serious posts.

  Anywho, a person who is the perfect vlogger (perfect of the subjective variety), is Jenna Marbles. She does swear quite a bit in her posts but you sort of overlook the swearing after a while. She basically releases videos every week and has a separate vlog site (I think) and they're about pretty random stuff. She's quite well known in the YouTube community as the one who made the video about how to make yourself seem more attractive. I'm not actually sure...what I was going to say... Erm. Oh well! Here's a video of her. Be warned - She uses explicit language with no apologies, so if this offends you skip that video and watch the next one.

  Another, not vlog so much, but just amusing to watch is sort of like AFV but better. Because the host guy is actually funny. The host is Toby Turner, and one of the first things I noticed is that he speaks quite fast, but he is quite amusing. He hosts a show called cute win fail (CWF) and essentially, he plays videos that fall under each category (one for each respective category) and viewers vote for the most "epic" one. His running commentary tends to be hilarious! He also has his own channel separate from CWF.

  Okay, so I sort of picked it at random, and this isn't the funniest one, so it sort of takes watching more to really get into it, but he is awesome. He personifies epicosity... That's funny's a word he uses...yeah.

  What I find particularly interesting is that these people aren't much different to me (besides having awesomely perfect teeth and bodies *shakes fist*). They're crazy, boring (as in their day-to-day lives) and strange JUST LIKE ME! It's nice to know there are other people out there who are like minded.

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