Sunday, 24 June 2012

I'm so super Sunday angry!

  So today is picture Sunday (as an aside, I love how it says that this is posted a day before because it's all on American time. Dude, it's Sunday here) and I'm going to write stuff that's not relevant at all to the photos I'll post.

  Alright, so I like gaming. Apparently, it's not that unusual for a girl to like playing video games but pretty much every male I know does. Except one...hmm... Anyway, all but one of them play video games. Anyway, my husband loves his survival horror games but I'm a real wuss when it comes to that kind of gaming. I friggin freak out at my own footsteps, but I do want to play them. Just so I can say I have.

  I've also heard of this Minecraft game. In fact, one of the previous posts has a video about a diamond sword that you can make on Minecraft (I think, I don't really know the finer details of the game). I asked my brother about it and he showed me it and said you could get the pocket edition for iPhone. So I downloaded it and I tried out the creative mode. It was so much fun! I imagine that the survival mode is more gamey. Anyway, I was making my massive (not so massive) but super cool castle and was making and underground lair when my stupid phone lost all memory of it. So many hours (like four or five) dedicated to it and it goes and freaking loses it! Gah!

  Needless to say I'm sort of put off using Minecraft and I haven't even tried Survival Mode! I deleted it from my phone in my fierce rage. How do you like them apples, Minecraft? Yeh, that's what I thought.

  I've heaps of photos to choose from because I've just transferred them from my phone to the laptop. Instead of lots of photos, I'll post just one. It shall be titled "He stole my chocolate!"

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