Friday, 29 June 2012

This is why you should get married

  I am enjoying not having to study and having a tidier house (wow, I wrote that as haus before. Where is my head at?). It's a much lighter feeling and I guess it's the euphoria you feel post exams.

  Anyway, I've recorded some things that my husband has said. May it be noted that he should really start a blog because he comes up with the most random. but hilarious stuff which shall be exhibited shortly. I have his permission (sort of) to put these up. His name shall simply be Mr X (until I can think of a less cliché name for him).

  Mr X - If only Danté was a girl. The I'd have my girls and you'd have yours.
  Me - You do have girls (indicated to me and Yzzy).
  Mr X - Oh yeah... So I have my girls and you have yours

  I'm on the laptop doing laptop stuff (looking up porn, that kind of thing) and I see Mr X pawing at the floor.

  Me - What are you doing?
  Mr X - The dinosaurs feet are doing the same action. It's how they filmed it.
  Me - Uh-huh, you're not convincing anyone


  Mr X - No mice have balls anymore...

(talking about computer mice...mouses? Hmm...)


  Mr X - Sweeping is like shaving - You have to be slow, deliberate, and be careful not to cut yourself and  bleed everywhere.


  Mr X - What's that sound?
  Me - It's the heat transfer system thing.
  Mr X - It's nice background noise
  Me - It sounds like air conditioning
  Mr X - Yeah, but it sounds warmer.

 And this is why I love my husband.

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