Friday, 22 June 2012

Who needs TV when you have the interwebs!

  Due to spending a lot of time on YouTube, our son has picked up on this and has started to like the things we watch(sort of using the royal we there. Just me. I'm the nerd here =p. Though the husband (who I should really give an anonymous nickname. Something like...THE MAN or Gerald...or something. Hmm...) is nerdy in other areas. Like Star Wars and gaming). A previously mentioned YouTuber called Toby Turner has written some songs about things he's done in games or just thought up(will post vids soon) and they are so darn catchy they get stuck in your head for hours and hours and pop up when you're in the middle of exams, waiting in line or just sitting in bed.

 Where was I going? Oh right. It's gotten to the point where he recognises the YouTube site and requests songs. To make it better, he tells you to be quiet when you're singing along so that HE can solo it! He knows the important words like 'sword' and 'diamond' but hasn't quite garnered the finer intricacies of the songs.

  So! Le songs!


And the song the boy requests

  Now you have something to get stuck in your head. You're welcome!

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