Saturday, 16 June 2012

Yay! Mid-year break.

  Phew, so after traveling most of this week my exams are finally over! Yay! I have mixed feelings about them (because I need to study more but having a baby in the middle of the semester really messes with schedules) but hopefully I've done enough to pass my papers. Also, to make this weekend better it's my first weekend being the proud owner of an iPhone 4S! Yay me! Things are looking up Hayley.

  I guess I could ramble on about how awesome my new phone is and how, even though my ol' reliable phone was awesome, I much rather this one, even though Siri misunderstands me a lot of the time. She speaks in an Australian accent. Probably because she thinks I'll feel more comfortable with that but I'M NOT AUSTRALIAN! Stupid Siri. Apparently, she doesn't understand how punctuation works when I tell her to text something for me. Bloody useless.

  Also, my phone has conned me into using Twitter! I haven't joined because I don't really get Twitter (as a result, I'll probably neglect my account and forget the password). I don't think my life is interesting enough to have frequent hourly updates, it's barely interesting enough for Facebook let alone Twitter. Anyway, I've set up an account ( is me, if you're interested), and to mix things up I've linked instagram to my Twitter account. Otherwise it'll be REALLY boring over there.

  Whoops, this was supposed to not be about my phone. Oh well, too late now =p. At least it's a ramble about the not so awesome points.

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