Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sickie Sunday (and photo)

Ugh, so I feel like crap. I have a freaking cold and it sucks. Especially as it hit really bad in the weekend where my husband is away for most of it. Thank the Lord the boy stayed with his grandparents or it would have been not fun for me (or him). In fact, he went to bed early tonight. Don't worry, he offered to go to bed early because he was tired, so I've had most of the evening to wallow in self-pity.

I've actually studied a little bit and I tried to withdraw from one of my papers but the stupid university website isn't having a bar of that so I'll have to actually ring them tomorrow. Blimey, it's a pain.

So, story for this week, seeing as I haven't really updated - I went to cook my son his dinner (we were having leftovers so was just a matter of reheating) and two of our power points went out, the one that had the fridge and microwave plugged in, and the one that had the TV plugged in (only the most important appliances in the house). So, I figured that it was a fuse, you know, because the lights and other power points were working. Problem is I know absolutely zilch about changing fuses. I know how they work scientifically, I know what they do, I even know the friggen notation for them in diagrams but I'll be damned if I can change one. So, I text the husband because this is certainly his territory, not mine (I can sew and knit, but all the hands on housey stuff is up to the husband) only to look up and see that he hasn't even taken his cellphone to work. Real helpful. So, I manage to make do with an oven. It is ridiculous trying to reheat rogan josh in an oven, by the way.

The husband comes home and I explain what happened and he's all "Well, it's definitely a fuse. All you have to do it wrap...blah blah." I sort of maybe tuned out because I figure, if it happens again, he can do it. In the end the FIL came over to fix it for us (because the husband was at work all day and most of the night so couldn't really do it himself). The End.

This is an unrelated tide-you-over photo because I want to post some Wellington photos. I'll hopefully do that this week sometime (aiming for tomorrow but don't hold your breath).

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday photo funbox.

Whoops, so just realised I've missed two Sundays. So, to make up for it I have two stories which will have differing accompanying photos.

  So, I complained about procrastinating and stuff and so I took before and after photos. It was an awesome motivator. I only actually did two...or maybe three rooms, but it felt so good having clean rooms. I need to do this with our bedroom because it is...a sight to behold, let me tell you.

Before - I know, right?
Eugh, it's so messy. Look at that stuff everywhere.

After. Yay! The clean!
Oh, where that paper bag is is our fireplace. Not mess, just stuff to burn.

The boy's room

It's so bad it makes your head spin...because of the...blurry...yeah.


Ah, normality restored.

Interestingly, the rooms are in the same sort of order despite the pass of time.

Now, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I love makeup. It's a terrible vice of mine. So, I've recently gotten back into it (because working in hospitality doesn't warrant much freedom of expression), and had a nice pretty look (which you shall see in a mo).

  I may just provide other more crazy styles at a later date. Perhaps if my plans a, b and c fall through I could become a makeup artist. That'd be fun.

Ah, the fun.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Procrastination is my middle name...or maybe first name.

  Ugh...I'm like the queen of procrastination. My house is really messy and semester starts on Monday but I really really don't feel like cleaning. I've been saying for the past week that I'd start cleaning today and I still haven't (besides doing dishes). Motivation is just so hard to come by these days.

  I also want to get fit again, which is something I haven't been for a long time...or ever. Whatever, that's a long time right? So I've downloaded a C25K app (couch to 5 kilometers for us lesser mortals), essentially a way to build up stamina and fitness until you can run 5k. The problem will be for me to actually get off my arse and do it. I say I'll do a whole heap of stuff but only a small percentage of it actually happens.

  I've told myself I'll study and set time aside to study this semester, but I already know that I suck at keeping to what I say. Granted, I'll try really hard to not get behind (all I can say is, thank the Lord for mid-semester breaks) and I will hand my assignments in on time, that's something I can guarantee, but I'll probably slip behind for some lame-ass excuse.

  What I need is a life personal trainer who tells me what to do. Kind of like a parent. Very interesting that while living at home I hated being told what to do but now that I've left and have my own family, I yearn for someone to be the person who runs the house and tells me what to do. Mlah! Don't know how good you have it 'til it's gone. Let that be a lesson to you, kidlets. Although it may be a pain to have to wash dishes or clean, count yourselves lucky you have someone to do everything else for you, because one day you'll have to go out on your own and after the "honeymoon period" you'll realise life isn't all roses and chocolates.

  Well, that's enough philosophical know-how from me. Guess I better stop procrastinating and actually clean before the human typhoon AKA the boy gets home from his grandparents. Maybe taking before and after photos will make me feel better about it. Actually, that's genius!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Oh, the pain.

  Short filler-innerer post. So, you know how a month or so ago I complained about a sore tooth? Well...I didn't end up going to the dentist and the pain has reared its ugly head again. And boy has it come back with a vengeance.  I can't imagine how people who have four impacted wisdom teeth feel. One ouchie one is enough for me. Blimmen heck.

  I also found out the other day that all my wisdom teeth have come through and I think they've been there a wee while. Goes to show how often I count the number of teeth I have. I'm surprised they found room in there. I guess one of them didn't.

  Anyway, this time I think I'm going to have to see a dentist. I'm losing sleep from the pain and it's incredibly hard to ignore. Man, sometimes it sucks being 21. I'm incredibly grateful for the painkillers I got post birth otherwise I'd never get any sleep.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

SUNDAY photos! (Let's pretend it's Sunday).

  Supertastic Sunday of S-photoness...

  Ooh ooh, I have some things to show you.

  So, I need to do more, but I'm doing some artwork for my kids' rooms. I intend on doing three for each child but I've only done one for each of them thus far. The girl is too little to hold a paintbrush without eating it so needless to say I'm doing her ones. The boy is helping out with his ones, I just plan it out. Any who, they're actually turning out not bad. It seems this kid is pretty good at following instructions and although it's not perfect, that's what I love about it.

They look so much better in real life (like not washed out and have a golden hue about them).

  PS -Sorry this is a bit late but full-on day with the kidlets.

  PPS - Oh man, I am so shitty at this. It's now Wednesday and I still haven't taken photos of those paintings and posted this. Better do it now.

Friday, 6 July 2012

What a conundrum...

  I was wondering today, why the hell does the iPhone have a compass? I'm not likely to do orienteering or need to suddenly know which way north is. I can't even think of a good reason as to why I'd even want to have a compass ever let alone one on my phone. Also, it varies depending on if you have it on true or magnetic north meaning it's even less useful.

  What's more is that I have GPS on my phone! So even if I did get lost, I'd more likely connect to the net and check maps than use the damn compass.

  Perhaps the Apple executives were sitting in a room and wondering what kind of useless, waste of space feature they could put on the new (3GS was the first with it) iPhone.

  "You know what, I have a thing for compasses. Let's add that as a feature! Possibly with the premise of using to help with navigation in conjunction with the maps app."

  "That sounds like a total waste of time and resources. Let's do it!"

  Must have been heaps of crazy in the coffee that morning.

  In other news I have found such an epic app. Oh my, it's freaking awesome. May I just add this isn't sponsored or anything, so please don't sue me...

  It's called Songify (this is on iPhone, but I'm sure it's also on android) and basically it turns ordinary speech into a song. Is your talking voice just way too boring. Jazz it up with Songify! Or make your own Songify dubstep. Hours and hours of song-ie fun!

  Unfortunately, there's nothing like it on PC so I can show you. And I'd record a video but I only have a webcam..and I'd be better off drawing pictures of how it works. If you have android or iOS you should try it out. It's awesome!!

PS I was supposed to post this the other day but didn't...oops.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Jars and boxes are what Sundays are all about

  Whoa! It's picture Sunday. First, I shall start with a nice little story of my day.

  So, I decided to cook dinner, you know, as most people do. Butter chicken, I decided, because it's quick and easy. It's Sunday, for goodness sake, who wants to hang around cooking all night. Anyway, my chicken was cooked and would you know I couldn't open the goddamn jar with the simmer sauce in it. Christ almighty, I tried the wedge a utensil or something under the jar lid to break the seal trick but that wasn't a goer, I wrestled with this damn jar trying various angles, banged it on the bench, used various materials for grip. By this point my anger is sky high because of this stupid jar and no-one around to have a go (well, the boy was around but he's 3. Nuff said). So, I sat down, took a break and it finally opened (with the sneaky utensil breaky seal trick). Take that you stupid jar. Me superior, me better than stupid jar! Ug!

  Feels good to get that off my chest. Needless to say I will making meals that require the opening of a jar when the husband is around.

  Also, something that happened today. I went to see what the boy was up to because I could hear him crying. He ran and hid under the bed with his new toy (dinosaur pillow pet thing). What's wrong? I asked him, worried he might be feeling sick or something.
"I just miss daddy."
It was so heartbreaking. The poor little man is finding it difficult to cope with the long periods of time his father is away for work (he works ten-thirteen hour shifts). So, I cuddled the little guy and got him dressed then sat down in the warm living room. Not long afterward, I hear a rustling noise. Naturally, that rouses my interest. So, back to his room I go and I see this:
Seriously, you have no idea the effort it took to post this photo. It was on my phone and then I couldn't...ugh.
  So, I suppose if you haven't played Metal Gear Solid (and haven't been to my house...because that's actually the living room) you'll just think it's cute that he's in a box. And it is cute after all...

  It's just a box...

  P.S. I promise there'll be more photos next Sunday. By which I mean more than one.