Sunday, 1 July 2012

Jars and boxes are what Sundays are all about

  Whoa! It's picture Sunday. First, I shall start with a nice little story of my day.

  So, I decided to cook dinner, you know, as most people do. Butter chicken, I decided, because it's quick and easy. It's Sunday, for goodness sake, who wants to hang around cooking all night. Anyway, my chicken was cooked and would you know I couldn't open the goddamn jar with the simmer sauce in it. Christ almighty, I tried the wedge a utensil or something under the jar lid to break the seal trick but that wasn't a goer, I wrestled with this damn jar trying various angles, banged it on the bench, used various materials for grip. By this point my anger is sky high because of this stupid jar and no-one around to have a go (well, the boy was around but he's 3. Nuff said). So, I sat down, took a break and it finally opened (with the sneaky utensil breaky seal trick). Take that you stupid jar. Me superior, me better than stupid jar! Ug!

  Feels good to get that off my chest. Needless to say I will making meals that require the opening of a jar when the husband is around.

  Also, something that happened today. I went to see what the boy was up to because I could hear him crying. He ran and hid under the bed with his new toy (dinosaur pillow pet thing). What's wrong? I asked him, worried he might be feeling sick or something.
"I just miss daddy."
It was so heartbreaking. The poor little man is finding it difficult to cope with the long periods of time his father is away for work (he works ten-thirteen hour shifts). So, I cuddled the little guy and got him dressed then sat down in the warm living room. Not long afterward, I hear a rustling noise. Naturally, that rouses my interest. So, back to his room I go and I see this:
Seriously, you have no idea the effort it took to post this photo. It was on my phone and then I couldn't...ugh.
  So, I suppose if you haven't played Metal Gear Solid (and haven't been to my house...because that's actually the living room) you'll just think it's cute that he's in a box. And it is cute after all...

  It's just a box...

  P.S. I promise there'll be more photos next Sunday. By which I mean more than one.

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