Saturday, 14 July 2012

Procrastination is my middle name...or maybe first name.

  Ugh...I'm like the queen of procrastination. My house is really messy and semester starts on Monday but I really really don't feel like cleaning. I've been saying for the past week that I'd start cleaning today and I still haven't (besides doing dishes). Motivation is just so hard to come by these days.

  I also want to get fit again, which is something I haven't been for a long time...or ever. Whatever, that's a long time right? So I've downloaded a C25K app (couch to 5 kilometers for us lesser mortals), essentially a way to build up stamina and fitness until you can run 5k. The problem will be for me to actually get off my arse and do it. I say I'll do a whole heap of stuff but only a small percentage of it actually happens.

  I've told myself I'll study and set time aside to study this semester, but I already know that I suck at keeping to what I say. Granted, I'll try really hard to not get behind (all I can say is, thank the Lord for mid-semester breaks) and I will hand my assignments in on time, that's something I can guarantee, but I'll probably slip behind for some lame-ass excuse.

  What I need is a life personal trainer who tells me what to do. Kind of like a parent. Very interesting that while living at home I hated being told what to do but now that I've left and have my own family, I yearn for someone to be the person who runs the house and tells me what to do. Mlah! Don't know how good you have it 'til it's gone. Let that be a lesson to you, kidlets. Although it may be a pain to have to wash dishes or clean, count yourselves lucky you have someone to do everything else for you, because one day you'll have to go out on your own and after the "honeymoon period" you'll realise life isn't all roses and chocolates.

  Well, that's enough philosophical know-how from me. Guess I better stop procrastinating and actually clean before the human typhoon AKA the boy gets home from his grandparents. Maybe taking before and after photos will make me feel better about it. Actually, that's genius!

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