Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sickie Sunday (and photo)

Ugh, so I feel like crap. I have a freaking cold and it sucks. Especially as it hit really bad in the weekend where my husband is away for most of it. Thank the Lord the boy stayed with his grandparents or it would have been not fun for me (or him). In fact, he went to bed early tonight. Don't worry, he offered to go to bed early because he was tired, so I've had most of the evening to wallow in self-pity.

I've actually studied a little bit and I tried to withdraw from one of my papers but the stupid university website isn't having a bar of that so I'll have to actually ring them tomorrow. Blimey, it's a pain.

So, story for this week, seeing as I haven't really updated - I went to cook my son his dinner (we were having leftovers so was just a matter of reheating) and two of our power points went out, the one that had the fridge and microwave plugged in, and the one that had the TV plugged in (only the most important appliances in the house). So, I figured that it was a fuse, you know, because the lights and other power points were working. Problem is I know absolutely zilch about changing fuses. I know how they work scientifically, I know what they do, I even know the friggen notation for them in diagrams but I'll be damned if I can change one. So, I text the husband because this is certainly his territory, not mine (I can sew and knit, but all the hands on housey stuff is up to the husband) only to look up and see that he hasn't even taken his cellphone to work. Real helpful. So, I manage to make do with an oven. It is ridiculous trying to reheat rogan josh in an oven, by the way.

The husband comes home and I explain what happened and he's all "Well, it's definitely a fuse. All you have to do it wrap...blah blah." I sort of maybe tuned out because I figure, if it happens again, he can do it. In the end the FIL came over to fix it for us (because the husband was at work all day and most of the night so couldn't really do it himself). The End.

This is an unrelated tide-you-over photo because I want to post some Wellington photos. I'll hopefully do that this week sometime (aiming for tomorrow but don't hold your breath).

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