Friday, 6 July 2012

What a conundrum...

  I was wondering today, why the hell does the iPhone have a compass? I'm not likely to do orienteering or need to suddenly know which way north is. I can't even think of a good reason as to why I'd even want to have a compass ever let alone one on my phone. Also, it varies depending on if you have it on true or magnetic north meaning it's even less useful.

  What's more is that I have GPS on my phone! So even if I did get lost, I'd more likely connect to the net and check maps than use the damn compass.

  Perhaps the Apple executives were sitting in a room and wondering what kind of useless, waste of space feature they could put on the new (3GS was the first with it) iPhone.

  "You know what, I have a thing for compasses. Let's add that as a feature! Possibly with the premise of using to help with navigation in conjunction with the maps app."

  "That sounds like a total waste of time and resources. Let's do it!"

  Must have been heaps of crazy in the coffee that morning.

  In other news I have found such an epic app. Oh my, it's freaking awesome. May I just add this isn't sponsored or anything, so please don't sue me...

  It's called Songify (this is on iPhone, but I'm sure it's also on android) and basically it turns ordinary speech into a song. Is your talking voice just way too boring. Jazz it up with Songify! Or make your own Songify dubstep. Hours and hours of song-ie fun!

  Unfortunately, there's nothing like it on PC so I can show you. And I'd record a video but I only have a webcam..and I'd be better off drawing pictures of how it works. If you have android or iOS you should try it out. It's awesome!!

PS I was supposed to post this the other day but didn't...oops.

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