Sunday, 12 August 2012

Stupendous Sunday (volcanoes included)

  It's occurred to me that I've changed my blogger thinger site name, whatever...URL is the word I'm looking for, I think, but I haven't told anyone. Oops! So, if you made it here, well done! I changed it because it is a lot easier to remember...I think. Hmm...anyway...

  As I mentioned earlier, I went to Hamilton for my nana's funeral. It was a great service and I think she would have really liked it. At midnight, on the day we went up to Hamilton, Mount Tongariro erupted. We actually had no idea this had happened which is interesting because we drove right next to it some ten hours later. It smelled strongly of sulphur for a few minutes whilst on Desert Road and there was semi-constant ash fall but it wasn't evident after that. I'll upload a video in a few days about what it was like with some pictures but it seemed like it was at any other time.

  May it be noted that this isn't the first time I've been past those mountains with one of them going off. A few years back Ruapehu was erupting when we drove through it. I choose to think that I'm so awesome it causes things to spontaneously combust. Chrome spell check is telling me 'combust' isn't a word. Well, if it isn't, I've just invented it. You're welcome, world.

  The following are pictures from my Hamilton trip (yay!). Uh, yeah, they're nothing spectacular just taken with my iPhone so don't expect brilliant quality. Don't listen to what the ads tell you, it's still just a phone camera.

Top - Mt Ruapehu from Waiouru.
Bottom left -start of Desert Road looking towards Mt Tongariro. That's actually an ash cloud. Yep.
Bottom Right - Lake Taupo

Me and the girl all ready for the funeral.

Lake Taupo on the way home.

I must say, we're really lucky we live in such a beautiful country (even if it likes to throw a hissy-fit every now and then with the whole earthquake and volcanic eruption thing).

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