Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday (Wellington Photos!!)

I found out my nana died this week so I'll be going up to Hamilton with my mum and my daughter for her funeral. I hope to get some photos while we're there but the weather is supposed to be terrible so that won't be much fun. It's not like you can do all the fun stuff outside with a baby because people give you disapproving looks for letting your under 5s get sopping wet. I know! How rude.

Anyway, I promised Wellington pictures and I have my iPhone plugged in right now so it should be fairly easy to upload them because I've worked out how to do it, I think. The key is patience which is hard when you're an intolerate, impatient mother like me. Seriously, the boy really tries my temper when he takes freaking 15 minutes to put shoes on. God dang, who does that? Is it a boy thing? A kid thing? Blimmen heck, it really does my head in some days.

Right so I'll get started on the photos. I'll exclude the husband ones because I keep forgetting to ask if he wishes to be identified as my husband. I think he's ashamed of me. I weep.

Seriously, though, I think he's more cautious or something about how he looks on the internet. It's a bit late for me, though, and there are a few (quite a few...hundred) unflattering photos of me on the internet because I am terribly unphotogenic. Fun times.

I've had to put them in little frames so you're not scrolling half your life (I used Frametastic - A free app on iPhone (and possibly android)).

The beautiful whether on the way down. The left two are Pukerua Bay area.
Top right is the train on the line between Paekakariki and Pukerua Bay.
The bottom right one is Paremata/Whitby area.
Top left: The boy in Gotham CafĂ© down Chews Lane (please don't sue me...) 
Top Right: The kids on the floor of the Wellington Library. 
Bottom Left: The harbour...I think we're looking at Queens wharf and stuff. 
Bottom Right: Boats in Evan's Bay.

Top Left: The All Blacks sign in Mirimar that has been taken down now. I'm pretty sure it's been replaced by the crazy Wellington sign...but I'm not sure. Still, at least it ain't Wellywood...ugh...
Top Right: The orange wind needle? Wind wand thing... It wasn't particularly windy that day so it wasn't going crazy or anything.
Bottom Left: The traffic lights heading to Hataitai from the airport. I thought the sky looked nice...and I was bored.
Bottom Right: The boy zonked out in the car after a long day.

So, I guess there's not that much inner Wellington pictures (because I was busy shopping and trying not to slow people down in the street). Still, I hope to get more photos of Hamilton that show a bit more about the city.

I'm leaving on Tuesday so I probably am highly unlikely to post stuff before then so...see ya when I'm back.

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