Sunday, 2 September 2012

Filler-inner post again. Real photos coming soon =)

  Phew, just been lazy lately, sorry. I do have a few stories and stuff to make up for it.

  So whenever I ask the boy what he wants for dinner he always says KFC. And if I don't feel like that he'll suggest pizza. This happened a week or so ago, we get pizza; I always get a hawaiian for me, an italiano for the husband and a meatlovers for everyone. The boy declares he doesn't like pineapple on his pizza. That's okay, more hawaiian for me, he can have a slice of meatlovers. So, off he goes with his garlic bread and pizza and he doesn't even eat the pizza!

Me- Why didn't you eat your pizza?

Him- I don't want pizza.

Me- *sigh*

  I'd like to say he has a good reason he asks for pizza but I suspect it's just for the garlic bread. Typical!

  Also last week, I found out that big boxes of raisins are the new fortune cookies. I don't know how long large raisin boxes have provided inspirational phrases - the type you find as horoscopes, but it's hilarious. Maybe it's to make you feel better about the sugar you're about to consume, I don't know. I must say, though, I feel much better about life and raisins when this is staring me in the face.

A guarantee indeed.
  Maybe raisins were a leading cause of depression, or people who were depressed ate a lot of raisins. Very strange.

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