Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday on-time postness: I play games too much

  My husband and I enjoy playing a little Minecraft (if you have no idea what that is click here). Not too much, mind. Which reminds me, I have a game to get back some point today. Anyway, perhaps it is a little too much because our lovely boy likes to play it on my phone. He's not particularly good and thinks I'm the god of Minecraft or something because I can get him out of the holes (literally, holes) he digs himself into. He used to play "Dragons Angry Birdies", or Angry Birds: Seasons for us lesser folk, but now he's well into Minecraft...or at least the idea of it.

  As he's playing Minecraft he looks up at the TV and says -

Him - I love parties
Me - That's nice
Him - I love KFC parties *points at TV with KFC ad on it*
Me - Oh, it does look yum.
Him - Yeah. All them eating, they are my friends.

My son thinks the people on TV are his friend... How sweet.

And now for some completely unrelated photos! Just because I do unrelated things so well.

  I must have left my phone in the lounge the other day and the boy (who seems to be the topic of most of my blog posts. My life would be so so boring without him) must have found it. He likes to take photos with it and when it's locked, if you don't know the code you can only take photos. Unwittingly, he documented the goings-on of a sneaky 3 year old. So the first two look like this.

Ah, that's not so bad.

But then we discover what he's really up to when we get this one...

     And 19 photos (no kidding, 19 of them) of this! 

  I guess he figured he hadn't quite captured the essence of the spoon or bowl in the first 5...or 10...

Lucky I love this kid so much.

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