Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday photo-postness (a week late...)

  Yay, Sunday postness!

  The weather is absolutely terrible, well, not right this minute... It's overcast but not raining. Still, I like this weather when I don't have to go out. But before, it was like this...

  Except imagine more hail and some thunder. Not too much thunder though. Which is disappointing. Shame on you Zeus! Or Thor...or whoever is messing up there. More thunder next time!  Hmm...hopefully that doesn't give my location away. Ah, by the time I'm famous enough to get haters I'll probably have moved...and be least.

  Anyway, this means we're all cooped up inside and I have no excuses to be super late in releasing my limited edition blog posts (except here I am, releasing it a week late. Irony!).

  My son was playing with an elephant the other day and we were talking about eating stuff. Needless to say, he pipes up:

Him - You can't eat elephants

Me - Why not?

Him - Because elephants throw sand over their backs.

Me - So, you can't eat elephants because they throw sand over their backs?

Him - Yeah.

  I'm not really sure where the logic for this came from, but as soon as he said this he presented me with this.

  A perfect off-the-bat duck face. Logic explained.

  May I reiterate that I don't pull that face. Well, not seriously, anyway. And certainly not in front of my impressionable children.


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