Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday vanity...and a baby

  On Friday it was Daffodil Day. For those who don't know essentially it's a fundraiser and awareness day for The Cancer Society and cancer. A friend of mine (who's young) has been diagnosed with cancer so it seemed like a good time to get behind it. She's a strong, beautiful person and I have no doubt she'll pull through.

  Anywho, in recognition of the day I decided to wear some daffodil inspired makeup. Unfortunately, I decided to take pictures at night. Nevertheless, you get the gist of it.

  For those who haven't, donate to The Cancer Society to help find a cure and help those with cancer here.

Also, for spring (and my brother in law's birthday), I did a peacock type thing... You'll see and understand.

Fun stuff... Okay, so I suppose it's quite hard to see...but it's purple, blue and green extravagance.

  Well, that wasn't a very upbeat post, so I'll make it better with a nice picture of a cheesy baby.

  All better.

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