Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sleepy Sunday Photos

  The week just gone my daughter had all her immunisations and a Plunket check to see how she's measuring. She's doing well, crawling, teething, dribbling - all that normal baby stuff, and she didn't seem to mind the injections. I had to take my boy with me as he had a day off from day care. Anyone would have thought he was the one stuff was happening to because he ended up like this

Out like a the middle of the supermarket (We have a Mountain Buggy + One if you're wondering about the logistics of the pram).

The girl, none-the-wiser. His arm's just there to annoy her, of course.

  Interestingly, we walked home (about a 15-20 minute walk) and he was still asleep. He did that weird half-asleep thing where he can answer questions but is still very clearly out of it, sort of like talking to a heavily intoxicated person, and he refused to get out of the pram whenever I asked him if he wanted to get out. So, I made dinner and only then did he get shirty with me because I was supposed to know he wanted to get out right that minute. Ugh! Kids!

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