Monday, 8 October 2012

Sunday Postness (I'm sure it might maybe be Sunday somewhere).

  I'm posting this a day later because I didn't really take photos of anything interesting. But after looking over a few, it seems as though I might have.

  We recently bought a new buggy so that we can push both of our children instead of pramming one and front packing or carrying the other. I love it, it's awesome! It also came with a carry cot thing for wee babies, and our girl just fits in it. Interestingly, it makes her look as if she's in a coffin. Our own wee vampire baby.

She's a Twilight vampire sans lame glittering (because she's in the sun...).

Waarghhh, braaaains... (okay, not really vampire related).

"Something smells like Bella. Oh, wait..."

  In the last ones I didn't even notice her shoe was missing until after I'd taken them all. The cheeky sod kicked it off in the mere seconds I took to open my phone camera and take a photo. She's mischief, that one.

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