Sunday, 25 November 2012

Le Sunday Photos (FMSPHOTOADAY edition!)

  We're coming up to the end of November and thus the end of the photo a day challenge for this month. I've had to dive into the archive every now and then but it's been fun. I'll possibly do it next month and post all the photos at the end of the month just so that we can go back to the normal, regular (heh), not-so-random-sort-of-is Sunday photoness. The boy's birthday pictures are coming, I took little over 200 so I need to wheedle that down to maybe 10. Trust me, it's difficult. Almost as difficult as climbing Mount Everest with no safety equipment and a broken leg, in the middle of winter. Okay, it's not that difficult, but it's hard.

  This post will cover November the 19th - 25th.
 If you just got here and have no freaking clue what I'm on about or curious like le cat clicky here.

Something Awesome - The eclipse, man. Whoever thinks that's
not awesome is severely messed up. Seriously.

Work/Play - Children play and they make work for me. They're
awesome, really. Have kids. You get to clean up after them and
your work is never done. Woo! Lucky they're cute.

What You Wore - This is what I wore to my wedding. Obviously.
I'm not the type to wear this clubbing, though I suppose that
would make for an interesting clubbing story. And when people
ask why I'm clubbing in a wedding dress I can yell "This is a
clubbing dress! Amateur!" Yeah... 
Grateful - I am grateful for the bond forming between my two
children. It certainly makes life easier. Except sometimes he likes
to speak for her and it isn't usually to her benefit.

Black - Well, there's mostly black in this photo. I think if I took
a photo of just black it would be pretty boring. If you want to
see just black, close your eyes whilst viewing this. You're welcome.
A Sound You Heard - Pretty hard not to hear a
rather large bumblebee panicking because he's
stuck on the wrong side. He ended up being released.

Sky - Yes, that is a real photo of the sky. It may or may not have
its colours exaggerated. Those colours were definitely in the
first photo.

  There we have it. The photo-a-day week. Stay tuned for more photo goodness!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Is it a bird? Is it a plane! No, it's AN ECLIPSE!

  Last week...or the week before. I'm pretty sure it was last week... anyway, there was an eclipse. I do not have the fortune (or misfortune...heh...heh heh. I'm a Kiwi! It's in my blood!) of living in Australia who got totality, so I took what I could get here. May I just say it is friggen hard getting a photo of an eclipse with an entry level camera. He gets all tense and starts cursing at me in light blotches. So here are my shots that aren't retouched and taken when I had two pairs of sunglasses on my face. Just try that for a moment, it's freaking hard to keep them on your nose unless you're looking up. I suppose it's just as well that eclipses are sky-related and not ant-related.

This is the shadow from the moon

  For the record, when the eclipse was going on it was still sunny but the lighting "felt wrong". It was a strange sensation. It was dark but light. It's really hard to describe.

  Amusingly, a lot of people around didn't seem to know it had happened, and the poor kidlets were in school. But you are now among the educated! Yay!

Monday, 19 November 2012

November photo a day! (Sunday photos post).

So, I would have posted this yesterday but it was my boy's birthday and exhaustion got the better of me.

 This post here will contain my photo-a-day photos. I will have two follow up posts. One will be for the eclipse that happened on the...13/14th, depending on your time zone, and another will be the birthday.

  Surprisingly, I am actually keeping up with this photo-a-day thing. It really helps that I've joined the Facebook Group, to keep me on track. They're a lovely group of people in there. If you don't know what I'm talking about click here. This will cover the 12th - 18th of November.

Drink - I didn't end up drinking this in the end. In fact we've had
two bottles of wine since then and haven't opened this one.
Oh well.

Where You Slept - Door to bedroom. In ghostly black
and white. Spooky... If you saw the original you'd be thinking
"This isn't weird or arty at all."

Man-Made - Railway line. I actually wanted to get one from
looking straight down the line than on an angle but I risked
getting massacred by a train and/or getting a fine. Probably.

In Your Bag - Three empty perfume bottles. Clearly I need to clean
my bag out more often. Also, I noticed yesterday that I actually put
these BACK IN MY BAG after I took a photo of them. Oh, me!

View From Your Window - It's the sun! He's saying hi from
behind the clouds because he's shy. And angry because of
the eclipse. Stupid moon stealing his thunder. CLOUD JOKE!

Last Thing You Bought - We're going to make waistcoats
for these cuties!

Happened This Weekend - My boy turned 4!  Here he is
celebratory swinging on the swing!

  There we have it, watch this space for next weeks ones!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sunday November Photos

  This month my photos will take a more structured approach. Fat Mum Slim, an Australian blogger, has created a photography phenomenon. Basically, you take a photo based on what the day's phrase or word is. For instance, the 11th is "night", so I'd take a photo that embodies, has to do with, or features "night". The list is here if you are so inclined to view it.

  I'd just like to point out that ANYONE can participate and it's just for fun and to get more people taking photos. Also, these photos will have my Trade Me username on them. Just so you know. Don't want to cause any confusion. I hate confusion! I love full-stops, though, they're my friends.

  Where was I going with this? Uh, yeah, anyway, so here are the photos for November the 1st - November the 11th.

Something Beginning With 'C' (cot bars...bit of a stretch. Maybe child?)

Colour! Pretty...self explanatory
Breakfast! Except, I rarely eat breakfast.
So this is more of a breakfast food we happen to have but I don't eat photo
TV. So we like playing God of War. Who doesn't?
What's that? You've never heard of it? Bah! Bah, I say!
5 o'clock. Hah...ah..! Pretty clever, right? Immediately after taking
this photo the kids planted their hands in the shot. Just for fun.
A Favourite Thing. Beach days are "a favourite thing" we do.
Reflection. I actually posted a different photo to the group I'm
posting in but this one is better, hand print and all.
Something You Do Everyday. Put make-up on! Everyday! Unless
I'm feeling really really lazy. I normally have at least eyeliner on. True stoy.
Small. Amusingly, this looks Photoshopped in. Badly. It is not.
Actually, I'm pretty good at making things look badly PSed in
when they aren't. Is that a good thing?
Can't (won't) Live Without. Won't live without witnessing moments
like these. Inside-out t-shirt included.
Night. It's technically a nearly night. Photo still passes anyway (I reckon).
  Also, today was the solar eclipse which I managed to capture a little bit of (if not very well), so keep and eye out for that on the next post. And likely some birthday photos for the boy who will be turning freaking 4!

  Phew, a lot happening. Anyway, hop on the photo taking train! It's fun stuff!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Quick update

Sorry! I have exams so posting is on hold for now. My last exam is tomorrow so I'll put up my belated Sunday post then. In the meantime, enjoy this video.