Friday, 23 November 2012

Is it a bird? Is it a plane! No, it's AN ECLIPSE!

  Last week...or the week before. I'm pretty sure it was last week... anyway, there was an eclipse. I do not have the fortune (or misfortune...heh...heh heh. I'm a Kiwi! It's in my blood!) of living in Australia who got totality, so I took what I could get here. May I just say it is friggen hard getting a photo of an eclipse with an entry level camera. He gets all tense and starts cursing at me in light blotches. So here are my shots that aren't retouched and taken when I had two pairs of sunglasses on my face. Just try that for a moment, it's freaking hard to keep them on your nose unless you're looking up. I suppose it's just as well that eclipses are sky-related and not ant-related.

This is the shadow from the moon

  For the record, when the eclipse was going on it was still sunny but the lighting "felt wrong". It was a strange sensation. It was dark but light. It's really hard to describe.

  Amusingly, a lot of people around didn't seem to know it had happened, and the poor kidlets were in school. But you are now among the educated! Yay!

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