Sunday, 25 November 2012

Le Sunday Photos (FMSPHOTOADAY edition!)

  We're coming up to the end of November and thus the end of the photo a day challenge for this month. I've had to dive into the archive every now and then but it's been fun. I'll possibly do it next month and post all the photos at the end of the month just so that we can go back to the normal, regular (heh), not-so-random-sort-of-is Sunday photoness. The boy's birthday pictures are coming, I took little over 200 so I need to wheedle that down to maybe 10. Trust me, it's difficult. Almost as difficult as climbing Mount Everest with no safety equipment and a broken leg, in the middle of winter. Okay, it's not that difficult, but it's hard.

  This post will cover November the 19th - 25th.
 If you just got here and have no freaking clue what I'm on about or curious like le cat clicky here.

Something Awesome - The eclipse, man. Whoever thinks that's
not awesome is severely messed up. Seriously.

Work/Play - Children play and they make work for me. They're
awesome, really. Have kids. You get to clean up after them and
your work is never done. Woo! Lucky they're cute.

What You Wore - This is what I wore to my wedding. Obviously.
I'm not the type to wear this clubbing, though I suppose that
would make for an interesting clubbing story. And when people
ask why I'm clubbing in a wedding dress I can yell "This is a
clubbing dress! Amateur!" Yeah... 
Grateful - I am grateful for the bond forming between my two
children. It certainly makes life easier. Except sometimes he likes
to speak for her and it isn't usually to her benefit.

Black - Well, there's mostly black in this photo. I think if I took
a photo of just black it would be pretty boring. If you want to
see just black, close your eyes whilst viewing this. You're welcome.
A Sound You Heard - Pretty hard not to hear a
rather large bumblebee panicking because he's
stuck on the wrong side. He ended up being released.

Sky - Yes, that is a real photo of the sky. It may or may not have
its colours exaggerated. Those colours were definitely in the
first photo.

  There we have it. The photo-a-day week. Stay tuned for more photo goodness!

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