Monday, 19 November 2012

November photo a day! (Sunday photos post).

So, I would have posted this yesterday but it was my boy's birthday and exhaustion got the better of me.

 This post here will contain my photo-a-day photos. I will have two follow up posts. One will be for the eclipse that happened on the...13/14th, depending on your time zone, and another will be the birthday.

  Surprisingly, I am actually keeping up with this photo-a-day thing. It really helps that I've joined the Facebook Group, to keep me on track. They're a lovely group of people in there. If you don't know what I'm talking about click here. This will cover the 12th - 18th of November.

Drink - I didn't end up drinking this in the end. In fact we've had
two bottles of wine since then and haven't opened this one.
Oh well.

Where You Slept - Door to bedroom. In ghostly black
and white. Spooky... If you saw the original you'd be thinking
"This isn't weird or arty at all."

Man-Made - Railway line. I actually wanted to get one from
looking straight down the line than on an angle but I risked
getting massacred by a train and/or getting a fine. Probably.

In Your Bag - Three empty perfume bottles. Clearly I need to clean
my bag out more often. Also, I noticed yesterday that I actually put
these BACK IN MY BAG after I took a photo of them. Oh, me!

View From Your Window - It's the sun! He's saying hi from
behind the clouds because he's shy. And angry because of
the eclipse. Stupid moon stealing his thunder. CLOUD JOKE!

Last Thing You Bought - We're going to make waistcoats
for these cuties!

Happened This Weekend - My boy turned 4!  Here he is
celebratory swinging on the swing!

  There we have it, watch this space for next weeks ones!

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