Sunday, 16 December 2012

Ah, the normality (photos)

  Alright, I suck at doing what I say I do (if you haven't noticed up until this point) so I'll just keep to my mostly Sunday post thing as I'm onto a good thing with that. I think I may have a bit more time next summer to have more frequent updates and get that ball rolling but, let's not count on that.

  Anyway, I think I may have mentioned that last last week we went to Wellington. We visited Te Papa Museum which currently have the trolls of The Hobbit hanging out. I totally recommend seeing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, by the way. Especially if you can see it in HFR 3D. Absolutely stellar! We also went for a general shop around, to the beach, and for a walk to the Civic centre.

  Without further ado, here they are.

 In a whale heart. No, not a real one. That would just be gross. This plastic heart looks much more appealing.

The trolls, Bill, Bert and Tom. They have commandeered part of Batman's cape. He's gonna be pissed.

The sacrificing of the baby while a little boy looks on...or crazy. Same thing. 

The Wellington Harbour. Lots of fun.

The boy demonstrating his knowledge of Titanic.

The Civic Centre. It was very clearly a nice day. The husband also spent some time teaching the boy to shrug. It was a less that successful venture.
Pigeons are all over Wellington. Fun Fact: When I worked there, I actually had to occasionally chase out pigeons. Great fun.

The beach at Oriental Parade and Fisherman's table - where we had dinner 

  Welp, that's how we spend the husband's days off. Just making some memories.

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