Saturday, 29 December 2012


  I think I may (or may not have) mentioned it before but I am an Instagram user and I have had my Instagrams printed onto magnets by a lovely company called Stickygram.

These are they. Looking all magnet-like,

  Stickygram is about to run a promotion in January whereby you do a photo a day on Instagram, similar to the one I did in November. Apparently, they'll give out the day's theme on their blog and, if you stick at it for the full 31 days, you get an extra special treat of goodness (yet to be revealed).

  As far as I'm aware, Instagram is available on both iPhone and Android so I encourage everyone with a smart phone to get on it! Also, try out Stickygram if you already have Instagram and some photos you'd like to immortalise in fridge-magnet goodness.

  Apologies for going cold over Christmas. Ironic, seeing as it was bloody hot. 33 degrees Celsius, that's 91ish for you Americans. And if we keep in mind that temperatures don't normally transgress much further than 25 (77 F) where we are you can see how I felt like I was melting. Into primordial ooze. Or something. It was hot and I wasn't thinking straight, okay? Amusing too that I'd like to one day maybe move to LA and it gets way hotter than that, I think. Or at least that's what I've been led to believe. Where was I going with this?

  Right, sorry, I'll be posting photos tomorrow, probably Christmas related, so keep your eyes peeled for that. And if you want to check out Stickygram's blog and website and have an aversion to clicking on the link up there, here be he

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