Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Last of the Summer Wine - I mean, Photo a dayness

  This is the last of the photo-a-day for November. Will have Wellington photos up tomorrow, maybe. Yay!

  It's been a long time coming as I have a couple of assignments due next week and an unsettled baby. Ugh! With bitey gnawing teeth. Not cutey cutey.

This will cover November the 26th - 30th

In The Cupboard - We have a gap under our towel cupboard
that the boy like to hide and play in. He'd sleep in there if we
let him, but he's not Harry Potter. Nor an orphan.

Tree - Well, technically it's more than one tree. Bah! Technicality.

Vehicle - Or at least it's a mode of transport for our children.
They love horsey rides!

Big - Something little made big! Without a macro lens! Yay!
Lots of exclamation marks!

On The Wall - There is water on that there wall. And a boy
being a cutie in front of it. A perfect way to end a month.
Here endeth the photo a day thing. It was fun. Will I do this month? Maybe.

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