Friday, 11 January 2013

It's a Sun(ny)day!

  I've just realised I've forgotten to put some photos up. While I could pass on my excuses of having assignment due and fitting in exercising, I just clean forgot. Sorry.

  On Sunday we went to Wellington as the boy was going with the husband's mother (mother in-law for you quick people) to the airport to take a wee trip. Just a domestic flight, mind. He was super excited and he got home yesterday. From what I've heard he had heaps of fun with cousins down there and I am yet to receive a full report.

  Of course, no trip to Wellington would be complete without going to the shops and seeing a few sights. While we were there we went to see the Game Masters exhibition at Te Papa. Basically an exhibition about the history of gaming with a variety of 120 different playable games. There were a few games I hadn't played since I was a child and there was a notable absence of shooters (made especially so when they had merchandise for a shooter that wasn't in the exhibit). Also, I kicked the husbands butt at Sonic the Hedgehog. That's a bit of a sore spot, don't mention it to him.

  I didn't take that many photos, though, so you'll have to placate yourself with the extinct animals and a picture of little miss at lunch time at the Te Papa café. Whilst entry to the museum is free, the price of food and parking sure makes up for it. Yesh. Still, if you find yourself in Wellington, I recommend going to Te Papa at any time of year.

The girl staring at a waitress. She wasn't so much hostile as curious (the baby
not the waitress. The waitress was very nice given that a baby was staring her

The husband gawking at some rather large, now extinct native birds.
His words? "See? Moa are totally ride-able."

Dinosaur. Not native to New Zealand but very cool nonetheless.
  I'd have taken photos in the exhibition but I'm pretty sure that's not allowed (judging by all the crossed out camera signs everywhere. Not that that stopped some people).
  And since, I feel you deserve a reward for waiting so long I'll put up my Stickygram a day photos here too. If you want to follow me on Instagram or check out my most recent photos clicky click here.

From January the 1st to the 11th

                                                        1 - New Year's Resolution. To study more. For the record, it's
                                                       going okay.

3 - My home. See the discrepancy in counting? It's because
the sunrise/sunset photo is not on my phone so you'll have
to go to my Instagram to see that one. Muahahaha.
4 - Travel. D-man all tuckered out after a wee bit of travelling.
He slept a good hour in the car after we got home. Don't
worry, the windows were down.

5 - My friends. Seeing as I don't see people often I picked my
Xbox controller as a friend to take a photo of. No! It's not sad.
My controller never lets me down...
6 - Animals. We don't have pets and I don't think children
really counted in this category so I decided on extinct animals

7 - Me. Well, clearly this is me with my sassy look on. I
don't look impressed with this image taking business.
Isn't that how you're supposed to do selfies? Also, apologies
for the lack of duck-face in this photo.
8 - Family. My little family looking impressed.They do this
all the time. The husband looking regal and the kidlets just
tolerating. If there's one thing they'll learn it's certainly

9 - At work. Again, I don't work at the moment, so I had to come
up with some. I'm drawing trees for the husbands's painting.
Which I was supposed to paint... 5 years ago. Oops.
10 - My Style. My wedding dress being restyled to be more
wearable. My waist isn't that small, rest assured, and it
needs more work. Hmm...maybe THIS should have been my
work photo.

11 - What's in my bag. Why, a little baby of course.

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