Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Photo for the interim

  UPDATE: It's occurred to me that I haven't actually TOLD you where we went. We went away to a farm for the husband's work-do thing. Some of his colleagues brought their children, though they were quite a bit older than our littlies.

  It's funny, I seem to find so much prestige in photos that have a photographer's name tagged to it. I suppose it's sort of like signing a piece of artwork; the finishing touch that says "Yep, I'm done. This is my best."

  I was just looking at the professional studio photos we had done when the boy was little and they're not really anything special. They just had lights rigged and a plain white background, but they really lack personality. I suppose that's what you get when you go to a company rather than a freelancer who has the opportunity to sort of get to know the subjects and capture all that they are in that single moment.

  I want something different for my girl, but we are fast running out of time to find a photographer so our home jobbies will have to suffice. Perhaps this year we can have a professional shoot for her (read: someone who knows what they're doing and not brandying a camera about like a crazy person AKA someone who's not me), with the boy in as well. After all, this is a big year for them - the girl turns 1 and the boy turns 5, so I think it should be well noted.

  Anyway, just throwing that out onto the interwebs. At that I will add a few photos I took the weekend just gone.
Ah, a little baby in a perfect white-picket world.

Staring wistfully outside.

Maybe daddy's hat fits better.
He was trying to hide from the camera but I got him. Mummy: 1 Boy: 0.
On the tyre swing outside. Incidentally, all the children loved that thing.


One of those mozzie fire-buring things.
The view just around from where we stayed. This picture does not convey
how freaking hot it was. May be closer to God, but it felt closer to Hell.

And some preparatory shots. Like they say, never work with animals or children.
Defiantly crushing my poor hat.

Daddy intervening with a firm "Don't take the hat off, sweetie." She has a real
"Yeah, right." look on her face there.

Overseeing the tent collapsing operations outside.

  We had a fantastic time away and I forgot to bring the camera when we went for walks which was sort of annoying as there were some breath-taking views and once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities. Still, I'm happy with what we ended up with here.

P.S. I probably won't update again for another few weeks as I have exams next week and I really should be studying for them. So, see ya then ;).

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