Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Yay! I'm back!

  I've taken an unscheduled sabbatical from this place to give me time to get my head in the right place. After a near breakdown around exam time (it was bad), I had a long hard think about what I want from my life and I've come out the other side now and have decided properly what I want to dedicate my life to doing **Warning! Impending life story. If you don't care skip ahead =)**.

  Before I had my children I wanted to become a doctor but after being pregnant at 17 I decided it wasn't in my future any more and it took me a few years to come to terms with that an accept it. I no longer feel bitter about having to let the dream go, and it took a while as I'd wanted to be a doctor (and eventually a forensic pathologist) since I was 12 years old!

  So, I blundered into business thinking that it'd be an okay thing to do. I like managing people and the process of delivering excellent service to people however, I've found I just wasn't passionate about it (it being the financial world). Not nearly as passionate as I was about medicine anyway. But now I have a dream and a vision for my future that is well attainable, I think, and I think with a lot of hard work I'll get to where I want to be.

  Now I am finally at peace with the world and I am well looking forward to a little break I plan on taking from study next semester.

  Sometimes I wonder what it might have been like if I didn't have my boy and DID become a doctor. I suspect I'd have decided not to have children as it would have interfered with my career. Crazy, I would have missed out on so much. Poor doctor me, wealthy but no-one to share it with.

  Anyway, that's not why you're here. You're here for photos. And if you're smart you'd have skipped all that up there for the pictures. A couple of things have happened since the last post. We have moved house (just down the road), my girl turned 1, I turned 22, summer ended, the clocks went back an hour, we went on our one and only trip to the beach. Fun stuff. Let's watch!

There was a kite flying event the day we just happen to *breeze* into the beach
(heh, heh, get it? I'm sorry). Anyway, this is, if you are an exceptional squinter,
a rather colourful pirate ship.

The beach from the bench we sat on in front of our car. It was quite cold that
day and we weren't brave (read: stupid) enough to go anywhere near the
water. (This is Otaki beach, by the way. In case you were wondering. You
probably weren't but that's okay. You are now a wiser person. Go you!)

Apparently our boy was brave enough, though. I guess he's going off to hunt
some seagulls with his stick there.

She suits the wind-swept look, don't you think?

Got her present opening face on. Bring on those toys. They shall not know
a greater unwrapping than this!

Daddy prepping her for her big day. It's like she has a valet. Lucky for some...
Also, she should consider a lady's maid as a valet isn't really for women. At all.

She loved the noisy part of this toy. She still does. I'm tempted to hide that
part of it often except it doesn't come off!

Having a tour around the back yard (safety assurance: we were RIGHT THERE
the whole time and close enough to catch her if she fell. We aren't idiots...when
it counts).
  So now you're all caught up. Good for you! Now you can read a book or have a chocolate fish. Speaking of which, Easter happened so I shall leave you with the lovely girl having her first ever chocolate egg.

Yum, chocolate. She first tried to eat it with the wrapper on which reminds me
of this time when my brother tried to eat those chocolate gold coins with the
wrapper on when he was like 4. Poor boy was so confused when we sympath-
etically laughed at him. Ah, weren't we kind to him?

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