Saturday, 1 June 2013

Human anatomy according to a 4 year old

  So most people are aware that around 2-4 years is where crazy logic makes its grand entrance in children. Today the boy wanted to discuss how the body works, but to get a better understanding, I asked him what he thought went down when someone ate something (you know, because everything in the body is/can be utilized by just eating...), and it was obvious what he'd been taught at day care but not much depth into how it works. Let's read!

Me: So, what happens when you eat food? Where does it go?

Him: When you eat food it goes down into your feet and then the food goes on top [of previously eaten food] and you grow up and up. And when it gets to your tummy you just grow up there too.

Me: So what is your stomach for then?

Him: It just has two bits of blood.

Me: Oh...okay. So what does your heart do then?

Him: It beats!

Me: It beats, yes (finally, I'm thinking, he got something right), and what happens when it beats?

Him: It beats when food goes to it and then it goes down to your feet.

Me: Right, but what about your blood?

Him: Blood is under your bones.

Me: Oh right (I guess that is kind of right).

Him: And do you know where your bones come from?

Me: My bones? I don't know, where?

Him: It comes from your blood!

  About here is where we changed the subject, because the human body is an exhausting thing to explain to your idiotic mother who should know these things by now! He's obviously been told that food helps you grow and he's taken that literally and thinks that his body must be an empty vessel where food builds up and you grow upwards just to fit more in. He's also been told his heart beats but not why. Cute... I think I understand why education is the way forward now.

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